“I’m a little bored by my own voice”


“I’m a little bored by my own voice”

Habib Wahid is the brightest star in the country’s music scene. He pioneered a new trend in the 21st century, a path that has been followed by many others. Audio songs, music videos, backing tracks or soundtracks for others just skyrocketed.

Over a career spanning two decades, Habib sings and performs mostly to his own tunes. But a few days ago he performed for the first time to another’s tune. The title of the song is “Abhimani Roddure”. It is in the awaited movie ‘Operation Sundarban’. Prior to that, Habib had recently sung in two other singles composed by others.

Why have you been singing other people’s tunes lately? The mystery has been unveiled. Habib comments, “Actually, I’m a bit bored with my own voice. This is the most honest answer. Because for 20 consecutive years, I listened to my own voice. Leaving aside my identity as a composer, if I think about it as a singer, then sometimes I wonder, well, how would that song sound in my voice! Even so, we hum the songs of others besides ourselves. If you like that. Then I felt that if my voice had been sung with that tune, it would have been a wonderful song. From this thought, I decided to sing to the tune of others.

Habib said the words while sitting in the guest seat on the 40th episode of Bangla Tribune’s celebrity show “Mamanama-Out of the Box”. On September 17 at 7:30 p.m., Habib spoke in detail about his career and various industry issues on this show, opposite Mahmood Manzoor.

He said his first singing income was Tk 10,000. Blinking at the memory page, Habib said, “It was the early 90s. I was probably 14-15 then. It was a domestic event at my cousin’s house. I sang Hindi-English songs. Later I saw that all the guests who came gave me 10,000 taka by collecting the subscription. It was a big problem for me at the time.

Produced by Johnny Haque, ‘Mamanama-Out of the Box’ airs live every Saturday at 7.30pm on the Bangla Tribune Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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