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I’m not that liberal or anti-promotional


I’m not that liberal or anti-promotional

I’m not that liberal or anti-promotional

Your wanderings in various branches of creativity. Which identity is the most preferred?

– Of course, I like the identity of the author. Because I’ve been writing since eighth grade. The book has been published for twenty-one years. The number of books is 107. And the presentation is only ten years old. Even though I’ve been writing lyric poetry for a bit longer, I don’t like that identity at all. Because the audience listens to the music, doesn’t feel the need to know the lyricist. And the main reason why I like the author identity is that my presentation identity is based on the author identity. As I used to write scripts for TV shows and later I started to submit my own scripts.

You are the lyricist of some popular songs. How’s the feeling?

– The feeling is not so pleasant. Like I said, the audience listens to the music and doesn’t feel the need to know the lyricist. In fact, my creations will be talked about, I will be neglected, I am not so liberal or averse to publicity.

What do you think of dramatic writing?

– I can’t do much. But I know how to weave a good story. And the story is very important in the drama. So my drama thinking is very positive, and I think that sometimes all the audience’s attention will be on story-based dramas.

How do you see Shakib Khan’s marriage?

– I see Shakib Khan’s marriage as a scandal. And it’s only natural that fans and non-fans alike are outraged by such star activity.

It is alleged that the media has a “particular bias” against women. What do you like?

– I do not want to answer this question in detail. But if I talk about the place of presentation, I will only say this, the place of the boys in the presentation is 10%. The remaining 90% are girls. Hope you got your answer.

What is the main purpose of your creativity?

-Present my original ideas in original writing. I haven’t written anything original in the past. If I write in the future, I have to assume that my creativity is exhausted. I’m exhausted.

How is the work environment and the professional side in the media?

-The working environment in the media is very difficult. Basically you have to fight and survive. If you don’t have the ability to fight, the media won’t be there either. If you don’t have the ability to fight, you can’t become a media professional. Always say “I work as a hobby”.

Ever wanted to be a hero?

– I didn’t want to be a hero. But I want to act. If not in a hero role, but certainly in an important role. Media people are viewed negatively by some. What do you think is the reason? If many people look at people in showbiz in a negative light, it is because of the habits or behavior of some of them, excessive lies, concealment, slanderous comments etc. Ordinary people have a huge interest and a huge respect for these people.

Is the purpose of showbiz just to entertain or to awaken?

The purpose of showbiz is to awaken the mind. But also provide. If I don’t touch the hearts of the public, what will happen by releasing so many songs, what will happen by making plays and films? Complacency? If you are doing it for your own satisfaction without thinking about public choice, then why publish or promote it? Just keep it in your closet.

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