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I’m still Blockbuster: Subhasree

I’m still Blockbuster: Subhasree

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan created a terrible frenzy. Ticket after ticket instantly booking! As if a storm were befalling all of India. Somewhere prebooked and somewhere early, King Khan is in a frenzy among his fans.

Meanwhile, popular Tollywood actress Subhasree Ganguly’s ‘Doctor Bakshi’ has been released in theaters in Kolkata. Subhasree opened the new year account with this photo. ‘Kaveri Antardhaan’ and ‘Dilkhush’ were released together with ‘Doctor Bakshi’. The biggest competition will be with “Pathan” by Shahrukh. Kolkata movies get no place for King Khan movie.

In this context, Shubhashree said that Shahrukh Khan is coming to the big screen after so many years. There is no doubt that the film will be a great success. But since the release of ‘Doctor Bakshi’ 1 week ago. So I hope that the public will watch our film by then. Because the Bengali public is very intelligent.

The heroine is not at all worried about the box office of her film. According to him, the film industry is definitely needed. Our industry operates at the box office. If Bengali cinema does well, everyone will benefit in the end. Because this industry is the bread and butter of many people. But the box office never thought from scratch. By the grace of God, I’ve had very few flops or average flicks in my entire career. I have always stayed at the Blockbuster Club.

Incidentally, Parambrata Chattopadhyay played the lead role in the medical thriller “Doctor Bakshi” directed by Saptashva Bose.

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