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Import of 10 Hindi films per year if the request is received

Import of 10 Hindi films per year if the request is received

Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Dr., said that it would be possible to import and exhibit 10 Indian Hindi films per year if those concerned, especially those in the film industry, applied. . Hassan Mahmud. He gave this information during an exchange of views with cinema owners in the meeting room of the Ministry of Information at the secretariat, Monday, January 2.

The information was communicated in the press release sent by the Ministry of Information. The Minister said that if these four associations – the Association of Film Operators, the Association of Directors, the Association of Artists and the Association of Producers – submit a written request, then we will take the initiative in this matter . Everything must be written down. Because we have seen in the past that most associations want it, but not the association of artists.

Dr. Hasan said that the journey of the film industry started under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the daughter of Prime Minister Bangabandhu Sheikh Hasina took many steps for the development of the film industry. Among them, one of the biggest milestones is the Rs low interest loan fund. More than 50 applications have been received for it. We hope they will be settled soon and more applicants will be enthusiastic.

Due to changing tastes of people not only in the country but also in Mumbai, the city of cinema, many single space cinemas have closed. Same in Calcutta. But mentioning that Cineplex is increasing day by day, the Minister said that Cineplex can make it to the market with Bangladesh Bank’s refinanceable loan fund. Separately, there is no obligation to simply cineplex. You will get this loan at 5% interest in metropolitan cities and 4.5% interest outside metropolitan cities. The normal interest on the loan is 9% with a grace period of one year.

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