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Imran Mahmudul’s 51 songs have been viewed over 135 million times

Imran Mahmudul’s 51 songs have been viewed over 135 million times

As an artist focused on movies and YouTube Imran Mahmudul Gained popularity more than half a century ago. Meanwhile, more than half a hundred songs have crossed the 10 million mark. This star who emerged from reality TV thinks there is no such record in possession of an artist who is both Bengali.

The singer posted the list of 51 songs that received 1 crore to 10 crore views on his Facebook page last Thursday (December 8) evening. The combined views of all the songs on the list that day are around 135 crores. Undoubtedly, the total number of songs out of the list will exceed 150 million!

This list contains 29 duets with different artists. The rest are his solos. The latest addition to the list of songs with crores of views is “Mann Jaane”. This is the song from the movie ‘Dulabhai Zindabad’. Kana sang with Imran in the duet song.

The most watched song in this list of 51 songs is ‘Dil Dil’ from the movie Basgiri. Currently, the song has over 105 million views. The second highest number of views was 9.2 million views for the song “Ohe Shyam” by Poraman-2. Both songs are sung by Imran and Kanar.

List of 51 songs given by Imran

With this realization Prothom-aloK Imran said, “It is undoubtedly a joy and pride for me as a Bangladeshi. It’s hard to give songs with millions of views. It is a challenge to maintain it constantly. But I tried to continue this trend, go. This is possible thanks to the public’s faith and love for music. Besides the audience, I am grateful to the lyricists, composers, videographers, film producers, directors, actors and actresses involved in the songs.

Seven years ago, Imran set the audience record for Bengali songs. In 2015, his song “Bolte Sehtan Rantha Rantha” became the first Bengali song to reach the crore milestone. Stating that his emotions are related to the song, Imran said, “My emotions are related to the recording of the song. The current view of the song is 8 crore 20 lakh. Apart from that, the song “Tui Ki Amar Hobi Re” from the movie Biswa Sundari which currently has 72.2 million viewers moved me. I won the National Film Award, Merrill-Prothom-alo Award and Channel I Music Award for singing the song.

Imran said, “Over time, the music industry moved out of the album version and into the YouTube platform. I’m very lucky the public’s love for me hasn’t diminished despite the change in the way music is released. My first song released on YouTube (Bate Bate Bate Bharti Bharti Bharti) broke the million views record in a few days. In 7 years, 51 songs have reached the milestone of 50 million views.

What are Imran’s favorite songs from over half a million views? The musician said that among his favorite songs, the most favorite is “Sabai Chale Pai”. His views are about one and a half million. There are more favorite songs, which don’t have millions of views. The singer said that his favorite songs are “Amar Chhaan Khair”, “Kshay” and “Shudhu Tome Kore”, but they did not get millions of views.

He entered the music industry in 2008 through Channel I Serakantha. After that, he released several single and mixed albums.

Meanwhile, the most watched Bengali song on YouTube so far is Armaan Alif’s historic “Paradhi” which is around 35 crores. Apart from this, ‘Nesha’ by the singer has been listened to around 20 crore times, another song ‘Beiman’ has been listened to around 11 crore times. The song ‘Kar Bukete Haso’ has over 6 crore views. In other words, the views of these four songs represent almost half of Imran’s 51 songs that have more than one million views.

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