Imran’s story on YouTube!

Imran’s story on YouTube!

Imran Mahmudul has reached a milestone that no other Bengali singer living in the world could reach in such a short time. There are enough doubts as to whether someone touched the dead!

Hmmm, a total of 51 songs sung by Imran have crossed crores on YouTube! According to the artist, no artist from the two Bengals could have set such a precedent in such a short time. The debut of the record was also very surprising. In 2015, Imran’s Kantha-Sur-Sangi song “Balte-e-The-Chat-Chat-Chat-Chat” reached the milestone of first crore views. It is not only for Imran, it is common knowledge that before this song, no other song from West Bengal and Bangladesh has entered the house of crores. In other words, Dhaka’s Imran cuts the ribbon for two crore Bengal clubs in the YouTube world!

Basically, the first season of Imran’s Royal View chapter ended recently creating a 51-song record.

What would Imran say about such a feat? He told the Bengali Tribune: “First of all, I express my gratitude to the creator. These achievements are actually not something that belongs to me. Many people and institutions are involved behind the songs. Besides singing, I also composed some songs; That’s it. I think the biggest contribution behind this achievement or record is the audience. The way they saw and heard the songs – this record basically counts that number. As a result, the public will receive the greatest thanks.

Imran Mahmudul and Tanzin Tisha are the hit musical film pair Imran’s Koti Club started with Shafiq Tuhin’s lyrics, own melody-music-voice and model Tanzin Tisha’s glamor, but song number 51 is taken from the movie. The song “Man Jaane” from the movie “Dulabhai Zindabad” has been added to Imran’s house as the latest million views. According to Faisal Rabbikeen, the music for the song is composed by Imran. It has Dilshad Nahar Kona as a co-star.

Not only in voice, Kona has been a great support for Imran in the 1000 views market from the start. Because he is the co-vocalist of most of the house songs of half a century crores of views of Imran. It is known that this pair is also the first in terms of maximum views in a song. Their song ‘Basgiri’ film ‘Dil Dil’ now crosses the 10 million mark! Shaukat Ali Imon conducted the music for the song with lyrics by Kabir Bakul.

Imran’s response to so many achievements in a career spanning just 14 years is, “In 2008, I entered the music industry through Channel I Serakantha. After that, several single and mixed albums were released. These songs were very well received by the public. Over time, the music industry moved away from the album format and entered the YouTube platform. I’m very lucky that the public’s love for me hasn’t diminished, but increased despite the change in the way music is released. These 51 songs I wrote reflect that. No other artist from Bangladesh has so many songs with over 1 million views. I don’t know if there is anyone in West Bengal too.

Imran and Kona But as always, the same question may arise this time, views cannot be the determinant of a song’s quality. It doesn’t matter if the views of the song aren’t worth it! In response, Imran said, “I also believe that views can never be the criteria for a song. There are many songs of my own creation and choice that haven’t even had a million let alone 5 million views. Again, there’s no way to ignore which song or tune the audience will love. I don’t want to show that courage. Moreover, it is also a joy for me to be able to conquer this new genre of music publishing (YouTube). What’s the point if I’m stuck with audio CDs or can’t keep up with digital? On the contrary, keeping up with the times is also a great challenge. I have taken up this challenge for 14 years. And I say it with my hand on my chest, not one of these 51 songs is worth anything.

No, Imran is not sitting with a record 51 songs or millions of views. Instead, he is busy with various arrangements to surpass himself. The live performance season is on. I also do studio work and video planning. In the meantime, he has prepared two special works for the New Year. He composed a song for his idol Habib Waheed. Another special song made by Asif Akbar. Also, he plans to make music videos for himself.

Imran Mahmudul

Imran said: “This year has been good for me after overcoming back to back outbreaks. The achievement is no less, Alhamdulillah. But next year is more important to me. I want to break a little more. I want to take on challenges. The rest depends on everyone’s prayers-love-support. Everyone pray for me to be healthy.

Many naughty fans will think that Imran’s wedding is one of the challenges of the new year! However, this young man of romantic films scoffed at such a possibility. Said, it’s directly in the hands of the superior!

51 songs in Koti’s house: Imran's story on YouTube!

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