In a video message about going to Dubai with Pari

In a video message about going to Dubai with Pari

Raj informed about going to Dubai with Pari in a video messageParimani-Shariful Raj

Amid the discussion of the divorce issue, popular movie actor Shariful Raj and actress Parimani travel to Dubai. The “Real Heroes Award” ceremony will take place in Ajman, Dubai on January 15.

They will go to Dubai to participate.

In a video message about it, Raj said: Parimani and I are coming to Dubai. Ajman in the second season of the show ‘Real Heroes Awards’. See everyone.

The Raj-Pari couple are in discussions on social media over the counter-accusations due to the marital discord. This time, the discussion about Raj’s video message continues on social media. So the question is whether the two forgot the distance and became one. But still no response. January 15 could be the answer.

Not only Raj Pari, but a group of movie stars travel to the Middle Eastern city to participate in the “Real Heroes Award” held for the second time.

Among them are Ilyas Kanchan, chairman of Shilpi Samiti, Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan, Shariful Raj, Parimani, Tama Mirza, Raihan Rafi, presenter Shanta Jahan, singer Kajal Arif and Shiblu among others.

The event in Dubai is organized by Rubayet Fatema Tani and Zahid Hossain, founder of ZAN Properties. This event is organized with Bengali remittance fighters living abroad. This arrangement aims to focus their hidden work.

Mala Khandkar, founder of Real Heroes Expo and Communications, said the honor is to inspire expatriate Bengalis. This year, besides expatriate Bengalis, many Bangladeshis will attend the award ceremony to be held in Dubai.

Bangladesh time: 2151 hours, 08 January 2023

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