In Rajshahi, the stage is set up like a boat, tight security throughout the city

In Rajshahi, the stage is set up like a boat, tight security throughout the city

The historic grounds of Rajshahi Madrasa have been prepared for the Prime Minister’s gathering. The construction of the stage is already finished. The scene is made in the form of a boat.

Meanwhile, strict security measures have been taken across Rajshahi on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s arrival. Checkpoints have been set up at each intersection.


The grounds of the madrasa were visited and the main entrance from the north side of the grounds was made with a bamboo gate so that people could enter in an orderly manner. The field is divided into several sections by several bamboo fences inside the field. Additionally, the southern side wall of the pitch was removed to reduce space for activists on the pitch. The road on the south side is now connected to the field. Special entrances have also been constructed on the east and west sides of this road.

The whole stage is covered with white cloth. The Rajshahi prison wall next to the stage is also covered with white cloth. Microphones are installed outside and inside the stage. A sound check is performed by them after some time. Temporary toilets have been set up for activists coming to the event.


Meanwhile, security has been tightened in and around the stage. Security checkpoints have been set up throughout the city of Rajshahi.

AHM Khairuzzaman Liton, member of Bangladesh Awami League Presidium and Mayor of Rajshahi City Corporation (RASIK), said the rally will be held at Madrasa and Eidgah grounds. The city will have 220 microphones and 12 LED screens. In addition, more than five hundred volunteers were selected for the rally. There will be adequate water and toilets.


He said the activists will come to the field at 9 a.m. People from all districts including Rajshahi will thank the Prime Minister at a public meeting. All preparations have already been completed. Hopefully the Prime Minister’s public meeting will turn into a sea of ​​people.

Rajshahi Metropolitan Police Additional Assistant Commissioner Rafiqul Alam said strict security measures had been taken throughout Rajshahi. In addition, security checkpoints have been installed at each point. In addition, there is also intelligence surveillance of white clothes.

Sakhawat Hussain/MRR/MS

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