In the middle of the street ‘Forbidden Joy’ actress Ushasi!


In the middle of the street ‘Forbidden Joy’ actress Ushasi!

Entertainment Bureau: There are few Bengalis who do not know Jun Aunty’s name among Bengali TV viewers. Now his name ranks number one among popular TV villains. Ushshi Chakraborty of “June Aunty” fame has established herself as an actress loved by all. He is a regular face of Bengali drama from Kolkata.

Recently, June Aunty, Ushasi Chakraborty was filmed wearing a yellow saree, glasses, hair touching her shoulders and lipstick on her lips. But not at the shooting range, but at Hazra Mor in Kolkata. The actress savored the clown tea and Bapuji cake with heart. And shared this moment of fascination with his fans through a video.

In the video, Ushsi can be heard saying, “I am now standing near Hazra Mor and eating Bapuji cake. I really like to eat Bapuji cake. When I was a child, Bapuji wouldn’t let me eat so many cakes from home. There is a forbidden joy in this. ‘

He now freely does what was forbidden in his childhood. And Ushasi Chakraborty found a “forbidden joy” in that freedom. Fans are excited to see this video of Ushshi. Many have found their similarity with the actress. They commented and said that to Ushsi.

Ushshi is seen in a negative role in Star Jalsa’s ‘Shrimayi’ series. She left an impression on the public as ‘June Aunty’. Won the award too. The series may be over, but fans still remember the character.

Source: Hindustan Times

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