In whose songs there is hope even in the midst of despair


In whose songs there is hope even in the midst of despair

Contributing to the world of music, Chris Cornell is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and founder of the famous grunge band Soundgarden. Chris was interested in music from an early age. From childhood, he played the piano and the guitar. From there, his talent emerged. He once found the Beatles album collection abandoned in a neighbor’s basement. Chris Cornell spent his childhood listening to songs from this collection.

Chris, his partner Hero and Kim formed the group “Soundgarden” in 1984. Within a few years, Chris and his colleagues announced that they had come to change the world of music. This change took shape after a while as grunge-rock.

In 1988 Soundgarden began work on their first studio album. Chris Cornell showed off his singing talent on his debut album. All of these things attract the attention of critics. Almost three years after the third album, Soundgarden released their breakthrough fourth album “Super Unknown”.

And through this album, Soundgarden saw the success it desired. “Super Unknown” is Soundgarden’s best-selling album to date. The album managed to top the Billboard charts and sold over three million copies in its first week alone.

Also on the album, Chris shows off his vocal variety depending on the genre of the song. Sometimes he would sing in a very heavy voice with the melody between songs, and sometimes in a soft voice expressing a kind of desperation between songs. Apart from music, Chris has also worked on several movie soundtracks. Among them is the song titled “Mission 2000” from the 2000 movie “Mission Impossible-2”.

Chris committed suicide in May 2017 after completing a gig with Soundgarden. The music world has lost a uniquely talented singer. Besides the world of music, the shadow of grief has also fallen on Hollywood. Although there was depression and apathy in his life, he tried to erase them through music. So maybe said in a song, Chris may not be alive anymore, but his music will always inspire all aspects of rock music.

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