Indian girls should learn from Urfi, Honey Singh blew the bomb after returning from rehab

Indian girls should learn from Urfi, Honey Singh blew the bomb after returning from rehab

Bangladeshi office: Urfi Javed listens to criticism as he stands up. He was trolled mainly for his weird clothes, his vulgar fashion sense. Urfi has also been embroiled in legal issues on several occasions. His name has also become a household name in political circles. Urfi has become the bride of jokes and ridicule for almost everyone. But this time, Honey Singh (Honey Singh) stood by her side.

All girls should learn from Urfi. The popular rap singer thinks Urfi should be an inspiration to girls nationwide. Honey Singh is trying to establish herself in the music world again after a long time. He brings a new music album. After the release of this album, the subject of Urfi came up.

Expressing her love for Urfi in an interview, Honey Singh said, “He is very fearless, brave. Life wants to live as you wish. In my opinion, all girls in the country should learn from Urfi. Do what your heart desires. Without hesitation, without fear of anyone. No matter where you come from, whatever your religion, whatever your caste, do what you want, without thinking of your family, but answering the call of your heart.

Incidentally, last year, Honey Singh came out of an 11-year long marriage. Wife Shalini Talwar has filed domestic violence charges against her husband and in-laws. Honey Singh used to torture him physically and mentally. Eventually, their marriage broke up last September. Honey is now in a relationship with actress Tina Thadani.

Honey Singh was one of the popular Bollywood rappers. In a few days, he reached the pinnacle of success. The singer was intrigued by this success. Honey Singh became addicted to drugs and alcohol. The distance with the career increases. Honey Singh had to go to rehab to get rid of drug addiction. Now he is off drugs and focusing on his career again. Her new music album ‘Honey 3.0’ has been released.

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