Instead of steel, the new iPhone 15 uses titanium


Instead of steel, the new iPhone 15 uses titanium

The iPhone 15 Ultra, the latest phone in the iPhone series waiting to hit the market, is made of a metal called titanium. This information was confirmed in a report by the American magazine Forbes.

Since 2017, Apple has used stainless steel to manufacture the iPhone. The iPhone 10 was the first phone to be made from stainless steel. Since then, all phones in this series have been made of this metal. This is the first time titanium has been used in the phone instead of steel.

According to the Forbes report citing Apple officials, titanium is mainly used to reduce the weight of the phone and make it more durable. If the phone is made of this metal, its weight will be reduced by 40% compared to steel.

In addition, titanium is stronger and more durable than steel. As a result, it’s easy to assume that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be more durable than any older phone in the series.

But the question is about the price. As titanium is a more durable metal than steel, it is also more expensive. While the price of steel is one to one and a half dollars per kg in the international market, the price of titanium is $35 to $50 per kg.

So, the production cost of iPhone 15 Ultra will naturally increase compared to older iPhone series phones; And to cover this additional production cost, the price of the telephone must be increased.

But according to international market analysts, Apple could suffer losses if phone prices increase due to the current global recession.

However, nothing has been said by Apple so far.

The world’s most expensive and popular series of mobile phones, the iPhone, was first released in 2007. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the creation of the first iPhone on January 9 of the same year and revealed its possible design. Then, on June 29, 2007, the first phone in this series, the iPhone 1, hit the market.

AI/ November 6, 2022

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