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Interview with Atanu Ghosh | Tollywood director Atanu Ghosh talks about his new film AaroEkPrithibi and his future plans dgtl

Interview with Atanu Ghosh | Tollywood director Atanu Ghosh talks about his new film AaroEkPrithibi and his future plans dgtl

He doesn’t have time to catch his breath before the film comes out. But even in between, Atanu Ghosh gave time. A long conversation started over a cup of tea in the study room of the director’s apartment in south Kolkata on a recent afternoon.


Q: How did the idea for this film come about??

Thereby: Tamsen Courtney’s book “Four Feet Under” features interviews with 30 homeless people. The image of homeless people is more or less the same all over the world. The idea for this film came to me after reading the book.

Q: This means Another worldFour characters are homeless?


Thereby: no The characters in my film are at a crossroads in their lives, the next step being homelessness.

Question:Mayurakshi‘, ‘sunday‘, ‘To Binisuto‘— This trilogy has attracted viewers to you. Is the new film also part of a trilogy??

Thereby: It is a very unique image. The theme of the trilogy was civic loneliness. After that, I made ‘end page’ with another story. This image is also different.

Photo of Bangladeshi actress Tasnia Farin, Tollywood actor-director Kaushik Ganguly and director Atanu Ghosh

Atanu with Tasnia Farin and Kaushik Gangopadhyay on the sets of ‘Aro Ek Prithivi’. Photo: collected.

Q: As a director, how difficult is it to direct a director like Kaushik Gangopadhyay??

Thereby: It may seem difficult from the outside. On the ground, he is an actor in his own right. His directorial nature doesn’t work there at all. Kaushik has the meaning of life. Thus, the film and the character can achieve ultimate credibility. Also a very spontaneous actor.

Q: Did Kaushik make any contribution to the making of?

Thereby: I remember an incident. I generally tend to work with broad goals. I called one day in the night and said, “Wouldn’t it be better to be a little closer to the stage of the future?”

Q: Recently at the Kerala International Film Festival last pageis shown You met Hungarian director Bela Tar at the festival.

Thereby: Terrible experience! We can say that it is one of the achievements of my life.

Question: What did we discuss with him??

Thereby: Normally I don’t try to say anything to these legendary people. But this time I saw the man sitting alone in a far corner. I wanted to know from sir, if we see images in so many sizes every day, then how people’s attraction to images will be maintained. How the beauty of the picture? He replied, “Increase the distance.” This power is hidden within each of you and me. Use it.”

a scene from the movie Binisutoy

Hrithik Chakraborty and Jaya Ahsan in a scene from ‘Binisutoy’. Photo: collected.

Question: Bengali films made crores of rupees business in one day after the outbreak. So it seems that Bengali films have turned around?

Thereby: In my opinion, a successful film means that the industry takes a step forward. Entertainment means engagement for me. It varies from image to image. Mainstream films are desperately needed to keep the industry alive. Because our image is a reaction to these images.

Q: No desire to make a commercial film?

Thereby: The difference between the two streams must first be understood. Let’s say that the subject of both films is the same – loneliness. In the case of an image I can achieve this using a formula. Again, the natural reaction of life, loneliness can be expressed based on this. I am a traveler of this second path. Perhaps it will only affect very few sensitive people.

Q: They say you don’t think about the box office. Is there any particular reason behind this??

Thereby: I think of pictures. Try to correct the errors. To make people more interested in the picture. When ‘Binisutoy’ was released on OTT after theaters, I received around 20-30 messages a day. The reaction to the film surprised me.

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Question: To BinisutoAt first, only Nandan was released. To reach more people, it takes more….

Thereby: The formula of broadcasting to more and more people has never pleased me as a director. I never want to fall into this trap. Films are essentially about people’s lives. If I were to twist it to attract the audience, I might lose my enthusiasm.

Q: So, are awards important to you when it comes to making movies??

Thereby: No way. On the contrary, I was quite surprised after several of my photos won awards (laughs). Because films are analyzed and rewarded in many ways at film festivals. I have never experimented with the language of cinema and made films. Told the story of life.

Question: No greed for rewards, But critically acclaimed?

Thereby: Previously, critics built a bridge between the cinema and the public. Now an attempt is made to guide the viewer. In the case of my photo, the photo is said to be good, but will ordinary people like it? By saying this, the viewer is somehow disrespectful. This film is not for you, this film is for you – by saying that the viewer could have become a little more mature, he misses an opportunity.

Question: Is it because box office numbers are now big in Tollygunge like in Bollywood??

Thereby: Maybe They say you won’t see this photo, it will go over your head! If anyone can show me 10 of these movies in the last 10 years that will go beyond that, I’ll take it. Let’s not forget that in the Bengali industry, films are made with the audience in mind, not with an abstract concept in mind. In any industry, there will be movies that fill theaters and there will be movies that move people. Viewers will choose the image themselves. I oppose the tendency to let the viewer choose the image.

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Question: Watch contemporary Bengali movies?

Thereby:I see everyone’s photos. Even, I try to watch the movies which may not have much chance to watch. Like ‘Ananta’, ‘Akash Partly Cloudy’, ‘Priya Chinar Pata Iti Segun’, ‘Jhilli’ seen.

Q: No opinion on web series?

Thereby:In fact, there is no such proposal yet. In one or two cases, there was an exchange of ideas. But after that, they didn’t show much enthusiasm.

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