Interview with Kaushik Sen | Kaberi Atntardhan actor Kaushik Sen shares his views on the current socio-political situation dgtl

Interview with Kaushik Sen | Kaberi Atntardhan actor Kaushik Sen shares his views on the current socio-political situation dgtl

Kaushik Sen takes on Anandabazar Online with a cup of coffee on the set of “Godhuli Alap.” What does the dead soldier of ‘Kaveri Antardhan’ say?


Question: How do you understand the new year??

Cell: In fact, the New Year does not exist. Everything remains the same. Looking around me, it hurts. Corruption, lack of medical care or lack of food for many people – it all remains the same. Not that I suffer from cynicism. But at this age, it seems, there is no point in having insane expectations.

Question: When was the last time you were angry??


Cell: (smiling softly) It’s hard to say, but I’m very angry. As the children in my group know, I am very intransigent in one area, teaching theater. The theater has to work with a lot of new children. If there are many very sincere children, there are also many evasive children. When it comes to shooting a production with them within a certain time frame, it’s not always possible to work with a cool head. Getting disciplined people to line up with the evasive sometimes takes a lot of heat.

Q: And in everyday personal life?

Kaushik: There, I manage everything very coldly. Let me tell you a story heard by Soumitra Chattopadhyay in this regard. Someone asked a famous car rally champion: “You drive at such high speed during competition, but what do you remember when driving in private life? He replied, “Consideration for others. This quote is deep in my heart. The impression was left. It is not always possible to do this successfully. However, I tried.

Question: Two more kaushikas in the same place. How was the experience of working with Gangopadhyay in ‘Kaveri Anthradhan’??

Cell: I did a lot of work with Kaushik. I didn’t work long days in between. I made a very good TV movie with him during what is called the golden age of television. I was the hero of Kaushik’s second film “Shunya A Buke”. Later, I did ‘perspective’. Besides ‘Kaveri Antardhaan’, there is another film, shot before the outbreak. The particular strength of his film is the script. Dialogue brings comfort. His dialogue can take on the rhythm of daily speech. It is also found in Atanu (Ghosh). Rituparna (Ghosh) could. Since Kaushik himself is a very good actor, he can safely act in his film. If he doesn’t like it, he says so, and if he says it’s fine, he doesn’t have to think twice.

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Question: Who is Kaveri for you??

Cell: Kaveri is my sister. A mystery is created in the film about his disappearance. Although the film begins with the incident of my murder. The death of my character and the disappearance of Kaveri add mystery to the film. My character in the film is all flashback.

Question: Kaushik Sen is cool, to say the least, Soumyakanti comes to mind, but that face is the same as ‘Ek Din Perdini’. How is it possible?

Cell: I do not know exactly. I am a calm, gentle person. That doesn’t mean I’m not messed up inside. But I can say one thing with certainty, the few months that the preparation of the new play continues, this time I am the purest as a person. Let’s say when I’m working on Hamlet, I have to figure that out. Shakespeare must be understood. Then you have to outdo yourself as a person. The flaws themselves are then clearly understood. Art helps me in this area.

Question: You are a revolutionary. Kaushik actor and Kaushik revolutionary – these two are contradictory entities?

Cell: Where West Bengal is right now, those words Protestant and intellectual don’t make sense. I’m tired of hearing it. Many take my or our opinion, it has in fact become the evening entertainment of the Bengali middle class. In fact, as the leaders shouted during the evening debate, our words provided some variety. Nothing more. Ultimately, it’s about taking sides, forming a party. He went to an unhealthy stage in West Bengal. I’m tired of explaining that there is a range beyond party identity.

Question: Already with medical students, is sometimes seen standing next to SSC candidates. Do you think you are the son of Bengal?

Cell: In fact, there is a sanctity in the struggle of the students. I also gave a video message against the injustice done recently to the Beleghata theater troupe. They cannot be avoided. But I also understand that it doesn’t really help. I say blasphemous, politics has become so “mature” that it will also shape my protest. Whether it’s the leader or the opposition.

file picture.

Question: Is this state ahead of other states on the issue of freedom of expression?? What happened recently with ‘Pathan’ in the state has not been seen in Bengal.

Cell: In fact, it is in the Bengali character. It is not a donation from any particular political party. He does not accept external aggressions. He might think that if he disciplined his son or daughter, they would listen to him. He does not accept patronage from any political organization for him. This tradition will remain.

Q: Riddhi has seen you work since childhood. How do you guide him??

Cell: To be honest, Reshmi (wife) guided him a lot. Reshmi has a role in many important decisions in her life. And he himself was so mature that he didn’t need to be taught that way by holding hands separately. Where all is well, he tried to take. He learned from both of us. And we didn’t hide or cover anything from him. As a result, his meaning of life is also different.

Q: You don’t do a lot of theater auditionsleaving the burden to Riddhi?

Cell: In fact, this education comes from my parents. Theater is like water to me. How to live without? I don’t believe in the pump. If you look at my productions, you can understand how much effort goes into it. And in the context of Riddhi, as Reshmi does not act anywhere else except ‘Swapnsandhani’, I myself do not believe in working in various groups. But that was not the case with Riddhi. He knows my management style. I told him to play in other bands if he got a call from a good director. As he does in ‘Mephisto’.

Q: Do you feel tired on stage lately?? So what are you leaning towards?

Cell: Actually, I don’t have my own preference when it comes to acting. After the epidemic, I quit many jobs because I didn’t get a good job. That’s when the “twilight talk” offer comes in.

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Question: Does Kaushik Sen do soap operas just to make money??

Cell: Everyone does it. You have to lead the family. However, I really liked this character. It was fun. Sometimes you get bored doing mega. Then, the theater acts as a motivation.

Question: Would you be happy to have the role of an older hero?

Cell: People over fifty are said to become very interesting characters all over the world. This is sometimes reflected in OTT. Although Bengali films are not yet able to do everything, they now work with different types of characters. Not just a handsome actor like Abir, Hrithik is also hard working. Kaushik Gangopadhyay becomes a major player. Riddhi, Ritavrata also becomes an important face.

Q: There is such a thing in lifedo you have what you didn’t ask for?

Cell: This has happened in many instances in life. Having faced the camera for the first time in Mrinal Sen’s “Ekdin Pratini” when I was in fifth grade, I became the hero of his last film as an adult – that too without asking. The proximity of Soumitra Chatterjee is also my great achievement. I worked in several films by directors like Tapan Singh. I won’t say it’s all my merit. Maybe luck, maybe communication. Tapanbabu gave opportunities to his films, held workshops – these are valuable life experiences. Can’t think! It happens to very few actors in their life that Tapan Singh teaches them how to act. Those who didn’t learn to act with him don’t know what a great actor he was.

Question: Such a questionwho wants to answer even if I don’t.

Cell: Whether we make films or theatre, I think artists have their own world. We communicate less. There are more parties than before, more gatherings, but I can’t go everywhere, I don’t like being in a group like that, but I know. I think despite all of this, we are very isolated. The sooner this separation is cut, the better.

Question: Does this alienation come from competition at work??

Cell: Maybe not. Maybe for some undesirable reason. It wouldn’t be enough if we didn’t have an artistic exchange. Riddhi gave an excellent idea. Atanu, Kaushik – those who write good screenplays, if they also write screenplays for other films. If Kaushik writes for Param’s film (Parambrata Chatterjee) or Atanu for Raj’s film (Chakravarthy). This type of artistic exchange should be increased. Let’s say I don’t have a role in any of Sreejith’s films, but if he gives me the responsibility of leading acting workshops for four or five characters in his film, or Shaswat (Chatterjee) to teach new boys to act professionally. Such an exchange is necessary. A person cannot get everything out of his head.

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