Intimate Moments With Wife Leaked On Wedding Anniversary! Fans raised anger for Arijit

Intimate Moments With Wife Leaked On Wedding Anniversary! Fans raised anger for Arijit

Bangladeshi office: Arijit Singh, the most popular name among young Turks in the Indian musical world. After Kumar Shanu, Sonu Nigam, Shan, Arijit will be the highest in terms of success and popularity in the music world. The love for his music throughout the country and abroad is worth seeing. But even after reaching the pinnacle of success, Arijit kept his feet on the ground.

Like most other stars, he doesn’t make his personal life public at all. Leading a starry life, he avoids the limelight as much as possible. When he arrived in Ziaganj, he walked around like five other ordinary people. He doesn’t seem to be a star shaking the scene at home and abroad.

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Arijit’s wife and children are also rarely seen on camera. But suddenly, intimate photos of Arijit and his wife Koel Roy leaked on social media. In all of the photos, the singer is seen hugging Koil and kissing him on the cheek. A sweet photo of a very private moment between husband and wife. The singer was also congratulated on his ninth wedding anniversary. But Arijit did not share the photos. It was shared by one of his fan pages.


And Arijit fans are angry after seeing this post. One wrote: ‘Please don’t share private photos’. Another person wrote, “Don’t display Arijit’s private photos in public like this.” Delete the image. Arijit is a man who does not willingly divulge private moments. His picture shouldn’t be made public like that.

Arijit Koyel

A few days ago a video went viral where Arijit was seen with Koel. He left the airport holding his wife’s hand. Arijit got in the car after talking to a few fans with a smile on his face. Some netizens were surprised to see the video. One of them even wrote: “This is the first time I see Arijit’s wife”.

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