Investing in gold has been valuable for thousands of years


Investing in gold has been valuable for thousands of years

Gold has played an important role in displaying abundance and economic transactions since ancient times. Gold is said to be the most permanent form of money.

The dazzling brilliance of gold, its unique brilliance, brilliance and intensity of color continue to amaze people, thanks to which its value has never been reduced to zero. Today’s analysis will tell you why gold has been a valuable asset for thousands of years.

Gold is rare
Gold was readily available thousands of years ago. Many ancient cultures found gold in the ground or in streams. Then, gradually, the abundance of gold increased as gold mines were discovered. But it’s still a rare metal. Because this metal was created during the creation of the earth. Its atomic number is 79. It has 79 protons, 79 electrons and 118 neutrons. It is impossible for humans to create this metal.

The creation of gold
Yellowish or bright yellow stars in space are called supernovae. The creation of gold in the universe is due to this supernova explosion. The gold was in gaseous form after the supernova explosion. Later, it merged when the solar system formed – bringing gold to Earth. However, creating new gold requires a lot of energy, which is why gold is a rare metal.

Gold is attractive
Gold is one of the most attractive and appealing metals in the world. This is why jewelry is gold. Temples adorned with gold are found in the ancient civilizations of the world. Gold was part of all cultures, from ancient Egypt to ancient China.

gold is inexhaustible
Gold does not corrode. This is why all the gold that has been mined since the beginning of creation is still there. Gold retains its luster even for thousands of years. It does not react with oxygen, so it does not rust or corrode. But only a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid can change gold.

Easy to disassemble and transport
Gold is easy to break and has value in any case. Even if it is split into smaller pieces for trading, its value will remain the same. Where paper money has no value once torn.

Easily sellable
The gold market is still bullish. It can be easily sold as there is demand among buyers and sellers. India and China are the biggest buyers of gold.

Investing in gold does not put you out of business
Over three thousand years of history say that gold never becomes zero. No documents are required for the possession of gold. Investing in gold will never put anyone out of business unless it gets out of control.

Note that after the Russian-Ukrainian war, the demand for gold initially increased. At the start of 2022, the price of gold per ounce was $1,800. But in March, its price rose to 2 thousand 43 dollars. In 2020, even during the Corona period, the price of gold rose. At that time, the price of gold per ounce amounted to a maximum of two thousand and seventy dollars.

Factors that drive gold prices include the US dollar, geopolitics, and supply and demand. Although the price of gold is affected, its value never drops completely. Therefore, investing in gold can be safe and profitable during this severe downturn in the global economy.

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