Invited to Zurich ‘Another Day…’


Invited to Zurich ‘Another Day…’

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‘Another Day…’ by Qamar Ahmad Simon was invited to the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland. Fourteen films will compete for the festival’s Golden Eye award, one of which is

The festival authorities have already invited the directors and producers of the film to attend the festival exhibition. The film was invited to two other North American film festivals in Camden and Vancouver in September.

Invitations to three festivals in the same month before leaving for Camden put Kamar in an ideal position. The dates of the Vancouver and Zurich festival being close, he cannot respond to the invitation of the festival authorities when he is so close to Vancouver.

About ‘Another Day…’ Kamar says, ‘Hybrid fiction mixed with reality’ or ‘true story’.

Last November, the World Top-Ten Festival Idfa was invited to the main international competition “Another Day…”.

After winning the Sundance Fellowship in 2014, Kamar started working on “Andayin…”, but he’s hesitant to open his mouth about the film’s story. For the screenplay of this film, Kamar received the director’s red carpet honor at the Piazza Grande in Locarno in 2016 as the first Bangladeshi filmmaker. Also received the Best Open House Award and the International Arte Award. And in 2017, he received an exclusive invitation to the Sinfundation of the Cannes Film Festival. Screen Daily wrote “Another Day…” in its review as “seductive” and Variety as “funny yet moving.”

Kamar has been working for more than ten years on a trilogy on water, including the first film “Shunte Ki Pao!” And the second image is ‘Another day…’. The opening images for Open Doors in Locarno and Dock-Leipzig in Germany were “Shunte ki Pao!” The film won several awards including the Cinéma du Relais Graupri in Paris, the Golden Conch at the Mumbai International Film Festival and the National Film Award.


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