Is Google’s incognito mode completely secure? Keep Sailing Regularly – PROTHOM KOLKATA

Is Google’s incognito mode completely secure? Keep Sailing Regularly – PROTHOM KOLKATA

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Many people use Google’s private window incognito mode while browsing. It has many advantages as well as many disadvantages. It goes without saying that nothing is completely secure in today’s Internet world. But still many people use this mode to hide their search history. But you will be surprised to know that even in incognito mode, your search information is saved.

Discover some myths related to Incognito mode

1. Browsing in incognito mode doesn’t capture your search history and the government can’t track you – let us inform you that this idea is completely wrong. Every time you visit a website in incognito mode or search for a domain, your request comes to the website host. As a result, they can track lots of information, including your IP address.

2. Browsing in incognito mode can protect you from viruses and malware – the information is also completely wrong. If you download a file or attachment in incognito mode, it may contain malicious viruses, so it is not completely safe.

3. Location is not tracked in incognito mode – Let us inform you that if any service provider or website host knows your IP address then they can easily know your location.

But do not worry. Even if your search history is saved in incognito mode, there is a way to delete it.

How to delete search history in incognito mode on Android mobile?

1. In this case, you need to access the Chrome browser first. Go here and search for Chrome://net-internels/#dns.

2. After entering this website, click on the DNS option on the left side. Next, clicking on the Clear host cache option will delete all the search history from your Incognito mode.

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