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Is the child too difficult?


Is the child too difficult?

Raising a child is not an easy task. And if the child is too difficult, it becomes more difficult to manage them. A hyperactive child never listens carefully. Parents don’t know how to control their minds. In this case, you can follow some tips.

The brains of hyperactive children are always agitated. They cannot last more than a few minutes at any location. They will commit acts that will be difficult for you to stop. What to do to keep these children calm-

Appropriate use of energy: Engage these children in activities that help channel their physical energy in the right direction. For example, include dancing, singing, running, basketball, cricket, swimming. According to experts, neurobics or mental aerobics stimulates the brain, which helps increase concentration and alertness. Games like bouncing balls, board games, puzzle solving will channel their energy in the right direction.

Playing music to calm the mind: Music therapy is now used to solve various physical problems. Play soft, meditative or classical music to calm children’s overactive minds. Such music calms the restless mind. But don’t listen to heavy metal or hard rock music. This will have the opposite effect on the child. Also, if the child has a fondness for a musical instrument, you can teach him.

Minimize the use of gadgets as much as possible: televisions, game consoles, video games, cell phones or computers can increase children’s activity. Cartoons and video games use excitement, loud sounds and dark colors. These can lead children in the wrong direction by influencing their behavior. So encourage them to spend time with nature by limiting the use of gadgets. It will calm their mind.

Have a good diet: Food also affects the temperament of children. Particular attention should be paid to children’s food and drink. Especially lunch and dinner directly affect the brain. Consuming foods high in sugar increases restlessness. Experts recommend that children eat as little soft drinks, junk food, pizza-burgers and ice cream as possible.

Massage regularly: To calm a hyperactive child, call him lovingly, gently massage his head, eyes, hands, feet and back. As a result, they will feel relieved and happy.

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