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Is the discussion about good movies missing?


Is the discussion about good movies missing?

I don’t work, I eat fried food. This word can have several meanings. Many truly unemployed people find jobs to listen to others. This is called spreading bad news. In most cases, they are busy spreading false information or fake news. A lazy mind is the devil’s factory. Satan is the invisible character of the world. But a very important character. Once someone falls into the clutches of Satan, there is no escape for him.

I feel like our film industry is in the hands of Satan. The devil has befallen the film industry with the “eight ghats”.

Otherwise, at a time when the process of rescuing the almost lost heritage of cinema continues, several good films together have brought to light the possibilities of the country’s cinema, the general public is once again facing the cinemas, why speak- Do we talk so much about darkness without giving importance to this ‘good’ word. ? The simple answer is that Satan shows his charisma. And the country’s media encourage Satan’s Satan in some cases without understanding it. The mainstream media is not responsible for this. But there are plenty of streams outside the mainstream. Door-to-door media. The frog umbrella analogy also fits. Thousands of journalists, information workers. Many people have no idea what is news and what is not. But they value the concept that “bad news is good news.” The public “eats” more bad news. Before, I knew how to read short stories or short stories. But now the news is also about food. This “eating” signifies the interest of the reader, of the spectator. The public does not eat the good news. Hence the great interest of so-called journalists in bad news. Many make bad news themselves. Many people are very interested in knowing the actuality of heroes and heroines of drama films. That’s why a lot of people make fake news about heroes and heroines. The role of the invisible character Satan as a mentor is very important in this regard.

I think everyone will agree that the country’s cinema has the power to turn itself around. A few days ago, the “Bangladesh Film Festival” was held in Kolkata. The good news is that the audience in Kolkata watched the Bangladeshi film with great enthusiasm. In other words, their interest in Bangladeshi cinema grew. Their interest in the much-talked-about movie “Hawa” is worth mentioning. After queuing and waiting for a long time, many people got a chance to see the movie “Hawa”. Many good films made in the country can be mentioned at this time. Hawa, Paran, Damal, Rehana Mariam Noor, Rickshawgirl, Beauty Circus, Gunin are acclaimed by all. But sadly it is true that even in the mainstream media I haven’t seen any constructive criticism of these movies. At one time, constructive critiques of films were printed in the country’s daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly newspapers. Now there are no good or bad reviews. We seem to forget to appreciate good deeds. Or even being jealous, many people don’t call the good good. In this opportunity, the ‘black’ receives a boost. Instead of good, black pays off. And there is the invisible character ‘Satan’ as black’s mentor.

What should our showbiz campaign really look like right now? Our cinemas have turned around, the public has started going to cinemas so more cinemas are needed, new horizons have emerged regarding the screening of our films in different countries, so those concerned should be more active.. These are the topics that needed more discussion. But these positive thoughts do not matter. The idea that bad news is good news is gaining momentum. Everyone runs after bad news. In recent times, the episode bahas of two popular actresses of the country is particularly noteworthy. One is called Vidya Sinha Mim. The other’s name is Parimoni. They had a fight with a movie actress. Which is not desirable in these troubled times of cinema.

At the beginning of the article, I talked about ‘Nai kaj to khai vaaj’. Basically, when there is no work, people usually rationalize irrational contexts with various strategies. Parimoni and Vidya Sinha Mim are one of the busiest stars in our films. It is natural that whatever they say, whatever they do, whatever they show, arouses great interest in the cinematographic public of the country. The stars themselves also have responsibilities when it comes to running the country’s cinema. Talking, campaigning for good cinema is a modern approach. Instead, Parimoni kissed her husband and gave a touching status on his Facebook page. Who was involved with the husband? Colleague Vidya Sinha Mimke. Bad News’ public battle has begun. The invisible character Satan played a special role. As a result, nobody talks about good movies. Almost everyone runs to the Bhaas of Parimoni and Vidya Sinha Mim. The news of the stars’ secret relationship is already arousing great interest among readers and viewers. There, when a popular star herself accuses a co-worker of having a secret affair, that news becomes “hot cake.”

Due to Pariman’s status as a good film, the discussion was overshadowed. What did Parimoni say? Let’s flashback…
Before that, popular actress Vidya Sinha Mim of Lux Channel I Superstar is the heroine of two consecutive hit movies Bale Nei Damal and Paraan. Her co-star in both films was Chitra Nayak Raj. Raj has developed a friendly relationship with Mim for good reason. Mim and Raj played an important role in promoting Impress’ new movie “Damal”. The two took intimate photos. They also uploaded this photo to their Facebook wall. The actress Parimony opposed it. Give a 3 line status on Facebook account. In the first line, the director of ‘Damal’ writes to Raihan Rafi, ‘Raihan Rafi also does business with the film’. In the second line he writes to Mim – “Mim should have been content with his own son-in-law”. In the third line, she writes to her husband, actor Raj, “Raj, you shouldn’t have let him go this far.”

After this status of Parimani, the rumors of deep love between Meem and Raj intensified in the country’s media and social networks. But Meem and Raj are married. Is their family falling apart? In this apprehension, does Parimony give an alarming and certainly delicate status? I said bad news is good news. The stench spreads quickly. Due to Pariman’s status, discussions about good movies including Hawa, Paraan, Damal, etc. have come to a standstill. The manipulation of the invisible character Satan has begun. Vidya Sinha Mim responded to Parimani’s status. He wrote, “The success of Paraan and Damal makes me feel selfless love.” I am fulfilled, overwhelmed. I can say that I am having the best time of my acting life. Just then, a party, jealous of my progress, tries to stop me and tries to do all kinds of bad things against me. Mim also mentioned in the post that “I don’t know the language to condemn those who talk baselessly about me without any evidence.” But if these are excessive, I will certainly be obliged to take action against them according to the laws in force in the country. I also want to say this to fans, supporters and their loved ones, you shouldn’t be confused by fabricated, fake and fabricated words. In response to Mim’s status, Parimoni wrote again, “Come on let me clear some things up.” That’s what Mim said, I’m jealous of you. It can be said by 10 anonymous people. But how to say it? Whereas after the release of Paraan, I told you to work in duo with Raj. I love seeing your pair. That’s what you want too… Parimani wrote to Mim, believe me, brother Mim, your excessive flirtation with Raj is causing problems in everything, my family, my children, my life. It’s the rights of Damal’s three month old baby, Nila Raj and all of you – it’s tomorrow now of my life. Now your business talks go on day and night. Believe me, your midnight phone call really gets me on board. I take care of the baby alone all night. Stop these…

Stop these things – I want to emphasize this word from Parimani. Yes, if the relationship starts to get dirty, it should stop. After many adventures, our film has found the strength to turn around. Right now when filmmakers should be campaigning for good movies for their own sake. Create an environment for discussion and criticism in favor of good films through advertising. Top star performers should have more of a role in this work. But they are the ones involved in the jealous Bahasa episode. The love between hero and heroine is not a new phenomenon in the world of theatre. With whom the mind is fun or lost or the people. Everyone knows that. But in reality, those who come to the theater world with a love of acting don’t place much importance on the love between hero and heroine. Give importance to action. The Uttam-Suchitra, Razzak-Kabri, Razzak-Shabana, Alamgir-Shabana, Babita-Zafar Iqbal pairs are vivid proofs of this. They also made love. But he didn’t talk about the house to each other like that. Because they knew it would damage the movie itself. Instead of digging into the good movies many viewers get, fans are busy digging through the dirty trash cans of celebrity relationships. As the saying goes, he will leave. Love is not forced, neither is family.

Those who are busy movie stars need to be more tolerant and sensible. Now, many popular stars don’t want to pay much attention to the mainstream media. If he’s upset, he immediately says so on his Facebook wall. And so Hoi Chai falls. Celebrities need to understand when it’s not right to post whatever pops into their head on Facebook. The question may arise – stars are people. They also have happiness and sadness. Yes, stars are people too. They have happiness and sadness. But it is not fair to do so easily publicly. Let’s end the article with a small example. The fact that Parimoni accused his colleague Vidya Sinha Meem of inciting the invisible character Shaitan, will the film help? There has been a wave of good films in the country. At such a time, if the people in the film tell the secrets of the house to others, then the film will be of no real use. Does that mean we won’t discuss the crisis in the house? Of course. Why is he on Facebook? We don’t have a tutor in the movie? I can also chat with them. I ask those concerned to think about it. May Bengali cinema win.

Author: Fiction writer, playwright, editor Anand Alo.

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