Islami Nasheed Production Company ‘Tarana Records’ replied.


Islami Nasheed Production Company ‘Tarana Records’ replied.

Tarana Records is one of the few companies that has quality Islamic music records. Although the number is less, Tarana still tries to maintain the audio-video quality of the music. That is why Tarana records managed to attract a large part of the country’s population to them.

Popular Islamic musician Abu Raihan of Tarana Records said the quality of Islamic music records was not very good even 10 years ago. Now we are trying to make the quality of the disc as well as the lyrics of the music to be world class.

According to Abu Raihan, people are used to listening to non-Islamic songs. I see no problem in getting them interested in Islamic music using any legal means. This is what we do.

Hussain Adnan, another owner of Tarana Records, said people are now turning to Islamic music. If you look at social media, you can see that even ordinary quality Islamic music is watched by many people. Islamic songs touch the hearts of the public. It’s certainly promising. But the organizations or institutions needed to spread Islamic culture to all levels of society have not yet been created. I believe our studio is doing a good job in this regard.

We are very optimistic that we have come a long way in a very short time. More than two lakh people have already joined Tarana Records YouTube channel. Ainul Islam, another owner of Tarana Records, mentioned that we wanted to go far with Islamic music lovers.

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