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Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid now calls Kashmir Files a ‘brilliant film’

Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid now calls Kashmir Files a ‘brilliant film’

New Delhi: At the end of the year, Vivek Agnihotri realizes ‘The Kashmir Files’ (The Kashmir Files). Recently, Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s comments on the stage of “IFFI” caused a storm. He called this film “ugly” and “propaganda”. Vivek Agnihotri answered him. Nadav opened his mouth again. What did you say?

Vivek Agnihotri’s film ‘Durdanta’, comments Nadav

Recently, his remarks caused a storm of controversy. Israeli director Nadav Lapid commented again. He said he was firm in his words. But along with that, Nadav’s statement is that Vivek Agnihotri’s film is “excellent”.

In his most recent comments, Nadav said, “No one can define what propaganda really is.” In an interview with a news agency, he said, “Propaganda: no one can define what propaganda is, I accept that it’s a great movie.”

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Regarding his comments on the film, he said it was his “duty” to say what he saw. However, he admitted that his opinion is “very subjective”. He also said the uproar over his comments was nothing more than “cheap manipulation to get people excited”.

Incidentally, several members of that film festival’s jury backed down from Lapid’s comments. However, Nadav Lapid claimed, “The others also have the same attitude, but haven’t said so publicly.”

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On the other hand, in response to Nadav Lapid’s first comment, Vivek Agnihotri posted on his social media yesterday and said: “I challenge the dissidents of the world and the ‘Urban Naxals’ as well as the leading directors of Israel if they can prove that ‘The Kashmir Files’ – If any of its scenes, dialogues or events are wrong, then I will stop making the film. I’m not one to back down. Say what you want, I’ll keep fighting.

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