It is the responsibility of parents to marry off their children at the perfect time: Asif


It is the responsibility of parents to marry off their children at the perfect time: Asif

Bengali singer Asif Akbar’s Yuvraj married his son Shafqat Asif Ran. Bride Ismat Shehrin Ishita. Many people blame her for marrying off her son at the age of 26. These criticisms have reached Asif’s ears.

Asif on his official Facebook page on Monday evening (October 11) explained the reason for his son’s marriage at a young age.

Asif wrote: “I got married when I was nineteen years and three months old. It can be said that the pressure cooker was swallowed as a tribute to Begum’s love. Despite the vagaries of life, our family survives and continues to grow. Al Hamdulillah. As soon as my two sons are twenty-two, I stick to them like glue to get them married. So I didn’t delay as soon as I got Ran’s consent. At twenty-six, our Ran is now a proud married man.

He also wrote, “I have had the good fortune to observe life very closely. I am not in the Marka formula of marrying off my son after finishing school and finding a job. Getting married right after graduation makes sense to me. It may be a little earlier, but in no case should you leave after twenty-six. When a new face appears, happiness comes to the family, boredom is removed. When the boy is established, he will go home, before that, as much as life can be extracted, this is happiness. Responsibility comes in the mind of the child. He remembers the support he received from his family, tries to keep his family members together even during his busy hours.

Asif also wrote, “It is the responsibility of parents to marry off their children at the perfect time. If you leave the excuses and move forward with courage, the path will come out. Those who don’t take risks should have no reason to be happy. Life is about fun, not a calculator. Times are colorful when the woman is in the family, there is time to adapt. Even though I got married early, Ranar’s wedding came at the right time, and two years earlier would have been better. Marriage at the right time is very important to me to make children home oriented and responsible to family. Those who are still hesitant about child marriage, make a quick decision. I am a successful family man, giving free advice on this angle. Be the smart keeper, do the right thing.

Prior to this, Asif married his son at the capital’s officers’ club on October 3. Many popular stars from the music world appeared as guests at this wedding. Best wishes.


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