It was the first demon! Today is ‘Amal Asura’ day! No work! nobody remembers


It was the first demon! Today is ‘Amal Asura’ day! No work! nobody remembers

#North 24 Parganas: Amal Chowdhury could be seen fighting with Goddess Durga as Asura when the television was turned on on Mahalaya morning. And for his acting skills, everyone in the area knows him as “Amal Asura”. Internet, cell phones weren’t like that back then. Television and radio were the main means of entertainment. But in the mainstream of modernity, those golden days of the past have largely been left behind today. So today people have forgotten the famous Amal Asura from TV. Amal Chowdhury, a resident of Ashoknagar Ward No. 10, was cast as Mahalaya Asur on Doordarshan for his full head of curly hair, tall muscular build.

For many years, this actor won the hearts of the public sometimes in the role of Asura, sometimes with the laughter of Yamaraj. But today all that is over. Thinking of Pooja’s good days really makes Amal Babu sad. Around this time, Amal Chowdhury began the silver screen journey after being noticed by two technicians. Seeing his face and shape, the little children trembled with fear. Apart from the Mahalaya program, he has also done other works in the Bengali film industry. Despite collaborating with top-notch actors and directors, Amal Chowdhury is now hidden from view. No more calls from Studio Para for several years. Today, his days are spent in extreme poverty. Amal Babu, who is single, has a strained family with her deceased grandfather and sick sister. Today, he has forgotten the theater due to financial difficulties and has taken up painting.

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The family of the two somehow lives on what comes from a handful of drawing lessons. Amal Babu’s mind became heavy when he saw the images of that time in the past. Relatives have also turned away from them today. The fight against poverty at every moment continues today. So far, no government facilities have been found. This form is now lost due to age. Old age has put a paw on life. Yet no one has much trouble recognizing those big eyes and that twisted mustache. At some point, Amal Babu’s acting was abandoned in Ashoknagar theater practice. The sister used to get excited seeing her grandfather on the TV screen. Everyone used to ask about Dada’s performance. Today, this actor does not receive calls to play. This regret was heard in the voice of the artist.

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