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“It will be very interesting to talk about it with Tony Hahn” » Amrita Bazar

“It will be very interesting to talk about it with Tony Hahn” » Amrita Bazar

Bill Apter recently discussed Vince McMahon’s rumored sale of WWE to the Saudi Public Investment Fund and the possibility of Tony Khan buying the company.

Talking about the latest release of Sportskida Wrestling UnscriptedApter says events in Saudi Arabia could turn some fans away from the campaign.

He also mentioned that if Khan decides to buy the company, how could it potentially be WWE Vs. AEW storyline since he will own both promotions.

“You know, first of all let’s go back to Saudi Arabia, because of all the negative things that have happened in Saudi Arabia, unfortunately a lot of the public can completely turn their backs on WWE because of that. “Maybe I’m completely wrong. With Tony Hahn, it would be very interesting for him to take it if he left him alone. Then the big fight, AEW vs. WWE, he has both now.” Bill Apter said [12:07-12:44]

Watch the latest edition of Unscripted on Sportskida Wrestling:

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Bill Apter Says Tony Khan’s Purchase of WWE Isn’t Completely Out of the Equation

At the same edition of Sportskida Wrestling UnscriptedBill Apter points out that the whole WWE sellout story revolves around Vince McMahon’s ego.

He also mentioned that the industry has already witnessed the most amazing things over the years. Apter added:

“You talk about the amazing things that happen in this business, don’t say no.” If it’s money, don’t say no. But would that be embarrassing for someone like Vince McMahon, you know, his ego is a very big part of it all.”

Tony Khan currently owns AEW and ROH. After WCW split a few years ago, its Jacksonville promotion could be seen as WWE’s direct rival in North America.

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