“It’s a love story from the 90s”


“It’s a love story from the 90s”

Based on the novel “Hridita” by fiction writer Anisul Haque, the film of the same name was produced by Ispahani Arif Jahan. This film obtained a government grant in the 2019-2020 financial year. Pooja Cherry played there. Opposite him is ABM Suman. Two songs from the movie ‘Hridita’ were released last Monday night. Chandan Sinha sang the song “Thikana Behing” there. Kabir Bakul lyrics are composed by Imran Mahmudul. The shooting of this movie ended with the shooting of Haore Song in Sunamganj. In the scene of the song, Pooja walks like a shadow around Suman. But when you touch it, disappear! That is, Suman lives in the realm of worship fantasy.

Regarding the film ‘Hridita’, Anisul Haque said that the film ‘Hridita’ is a love story from the 90s. When I didn’t have a phone at home, there was no question of a cell phone. And a boy has only one boyfriend or girlfriend for a girl. It wasn’t like now that many loved each other at once. So I wonder if today’s children can identify with this film. He also said that this movie is a no-swearing, no-shooting, no-smoking movie. Pooja Cherry said about ‘Hridita’, I crave good stories. And my first love is Anisul Haque sir. After getting the movie offer, when I heard that sir is in this movie, I said yes in a nutshell. The story of this movie is very good. The movie ‘Hridita’ is released on October 7th. Come see the film as a group. He also said that ‘Hridita’ is not a movie for those who want to watch dance movies. The movie ‘Hridita’ is a very quiet movie to watch in one breath. The film also stars Saberi Alam, Manas Bandyopadhyay, Arjumand Ara Bakul and others along with ABM Suman and Pooja Cheri. The film will be released on October 7.

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