Jacqueline Fernandez interrogated for 8 hours over Rs 200 crore scam, cops find loopholes in statements


Jacqueline Fernandez interrogated for 8 hours over Rs 200 crore scam, cops find loopholes in statements

Daily digital news desk: Thugbaz Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s financial fraud is not giving up on Bollywood actor Jacqueline. ED interviewed the actress for approximately 8 hours in the Sukesh case on Wednesday. According to sources, ED officials are not very happy with Jacqueline’s response to this query. There are a lot of inconsistencies in the actress’ statement.

Jacqueline Fernandez made headlines off camera last year. Jacqueline’s relationship with accused financial scammer Sukesh Chandrasekhar has come to light. ‘Thugbaaz’ Chandrasekhar is in Delhi’s Rohini Jail in connection with the Rs 200 crore fraud and 20 other financial fraud cases. A photo of Sukesh’s intimate moment with Jacqueline has also been shared on social media.

[আরও পড়ুন: স্বপ্নের সুইজারল্যান্ডে রাজ-শুভশ্রী, বরফের মাঝে শাহরুখের পোজে ছোট্ট যুবান, দেখুন ছবি ]

It was first heard that Jacqueline was accused of involvement in a financial fraud case worth Rs 215 crore. Later, it was again heard that the actress was summoned for a financial scam of Rs 200 crore.

Incidentally, Nora fatehi was sent for questioning like Jacqueline. It is already known that expensive diamond jewelry or bags from luxury cars were given to the “summer girl”. So Chandrasekhar was close to Nora? However, the actress said she was framed in this matter. And he didn’t even know Chandrasekhar until December last year. Note that although she now acknowledges having received the gift, Nora has deleted the information as Jacqueline.

It is reported that Chandrasekhar gifted the actress with a BMW car to attend an event. Chandrasekhar’s wife, Leena Maria Pal, gave him the car keys. Chandrasekhar’s wife is one of the defendants in the Tk 200 crore fraud case.


Nora said that before the event, Leena and a few others announced the gifts in front of everyone. Nora’s manager, makeup artist and spot boy were present at the scene at the time. Nora said she was surprised to receive such a gift. He also felt that the car was presented to him as a parade gift. A real gift will not be given. I wanted to know for everyone if this was normal. Everyone assures him that it happens.

[আরও পড়ুন: ক্যামিও চরিত্রেই হিট শাহরুখ, ‘ব্রহ্মাস্ত্র’-এ কিং খানের চরিত্র নিয়ে তৈরি হবে আলাদা ছবি]

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