‘Jagaddhatri’ is far from it, Surya-Dipa alone is a hundred, TRP of Kamal ‘Mithai’ too.

‘Jagaddhatri’ is far from it, Surya-Dipa alone is a hundred, TRP of Kamal ‘Mithai’ too.

Bangladeshi Office: Daily Entertainment Mega Series in Bengali (Serial). In the evening, soap operas of different tastes start on different channels. Just turn the channel you like. However, depending on the audience’s choice, which series is ahead, which is behind is calculated on a day of the week. Like every week, the TRP list for the series has arrived.

The top spot has been taken by Star Jalsa’s “Touch of Affection” for the past few weeks. The TRP of this series is increasing day by day. This week with 9.5 points, Bengal has again become the best with the touch of Anurag. Surya Deepa’s two daughters Sona and Rupa caught the eye.

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At number two is G’s popular “Jagadhatri” series. But Jagaddhatri’s number is much lower than Anurag’s touch in the first number. This week, Jas Sanal managed to get 8.8 points. The third and fourth places are occupied by Zee Bangla. Channel’s two series, Gauri Elo and Toy House, scored 8.0 and 7.8 points respectively.

Bengali Middle and Neem Flower Honey got the same number at number five. Both series scored 7.6. However, Star’s recently launched popular series “Panchmi” could not make the top five this time around. With 7.0 points, this series placed in sixth place. But Panchami is not alone. With a big surprise, ‘Ranga Bau’ increased its number and reached number six. Who else could place between one and ten?

Here is the list of top ten TRP-
Touch of Passion – 9.5 (1st)
Jagaddhatri – 8.8 (Second)
Gauri Rating – 8.0 (3rd)
Toy House – 7.8 (fourth)
Medium Bangla, Neem Flower Honey – 7.6 (5th)
Panchami, Ranga Bau – 7.2 (sixth)
Alta Faring, Gantchara – 7.0 (7th)
Ekka Dokka – 6.9 (8th)
Candy – 6.5 (ninth)
Sohag Jal, Hargouri Pais Hotel, Sir’s Letter – 5.9 (X)

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