Jamaat leader beat Lalan Sadhak while moving


Jamaat leader beat Lalan Sadhak while moving

In the Kaliya of Narail, the men of the leader of the Jamaat Ali Mia led by his men beat Lalon Sadhak Harez Fakir (84) last Wednesday afternoon. At that time, various accessories including harmonium, tabla, dotara, flute were crushed in his Akhrabari.

Defendant Ali Mia is the older brother of Awami League leader and UP chairman Amirul Islam Moni Mia. In this incident, Harez Fakir filed a written complaint at the Kalia police station.

After complaining to the police station, Ali Mia’s men beat four men and women as well as Harez Fakir’s neighbor Ismail Chowkidar on Thursday afternoon.

According to the written complaint, Harej Fakir, a resident of Nawagram in Union Purulia of Kaliya, was playing music with fans around 10 p.m. last Saturday. At that time, a group of 20-25 people, including local Jamaat leader Ali Mia Sheikh, Mintu Sheikh, suddenly beat the saint and vandalized his property, including musical instruments. During the attack, they were expelled from their homes and threatened with death.

Salaunghin Sheetal, Secretary General of Narail Bangamata Cultural Center Fazilatun Necha Mujib, Nawagram Resident, said: Harez Fakir is a saint of Lalan Tarikar. Nivrete Lalan has been practicing music in her Akhrabari in Nawagram for a long time. Jamaat Ali Mia’s men beat the saint and broke his musical instruments.

In this regard, Chairman of Combined Cultural Alliance of Narail Malay Kundu and Secretary General Sharful Alam Litu said that fundamentalists repeatedly attack culture. This can never be accepted. These radicals must be brought to justice immediately.

Mizan Fakir, the son of Sadhak Fakir said that around noon on Thursday, some people including the local Sagar told me not to see you in the area. After that, I go to Khulna in fear.

Defendant Ali Mia Sheikh said Harez Fakir has been consuming and marketing ganja for a long time. It destroys the youth of the neighborhood. Although he was banned several times, he did not listen. The police were informed but no action was taken. I was once associated with Jamaat politics, but am no longer active.

Amirul Islam Moni Mia, former member of Kalia Upazila Awami League and President of UP, said that some people from the area came to me to complain about Harez, I banned Harez not to consume it. Harez’s house and various musical instruments were not vandalized. They lie. And my brother is not involved in this incident.

In this regard, Saint Harez Fakir said that on the day and night of the incident, a group of people under the leadership of Ali Mia broke the harmonium, tabla and various musical instruments and household items. I demand justice for this incident.

Denying the allegation of being involved in affairs including ganja use, he said, I have been doing Sadhana here for 50 years. For the moment the question has not arisen. Now the question is why? They won’t allow the music to continue, so they say such things.

Kalia Police Station, OC Sheikh Tasmeem Alam, said police attended the scene after receiving a written complaint. I heard about the beating of Ismail Chowkidar. The matter will be investigated and legal action will be taken.

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