James Cameron gave good news on “Avatar”


James Cameron gave good news on “Avatar”

“Avatar” brought a new wave to the world of cinema. Released in 2009, James Cameron’s film held the record for the highest-grossing film of all time for many years. Audiences around the world were impressed by the marvelous depiction of the fantasy world.

‘Avatar Two’ arrives after 13 long years. Which is subtitled “The Way of the Water”. It will be released worldwide on December 16. The public is therefore waiting impatiently.

James Cameron once said that ‘Avatar’ is a five-movie franchise. Only one of them has been published. He also wants to do the remaining four films and the process is underway. After releasing the teaser for ‘Avatar 2’, the director said he has completed filming for the third installment with this film.

Now, Cameron says work on “Avatar Four” has also begun. The creator announced the happy news through a video message during the Walt Disney Company’s “D23 Expo” special event.

Some scenes from “Avatar Two” were screened at the event. However, James Cameron himself was unable to attend due to his busy schedule. So send video messages to viewers. He commented on the film as an “adventure” and “something amazing is about to happen”.

Meanwhile, Cameron confirmed that work on “Avatar 3” is in full swing. Additionally, work on “Avatar Four” has officially begun.

The question may arise, what is the rush! “A scene in ‘Avatar Four’ will show the child of Jack and Neytiri (two central characters) at age six,” Cameron said. Therefore, in the second and third films, the children’s scenes must be filmed in advance. The rest can be done later.

Note that ‘Avatar’ was made with a budget of 238 million dollars. It grossed $2.847 billion upon release.

Source: Hindustan Times

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