James left home, proud to sing with his father


James left home, proud to sing with his father

Farooq Mahfuz Anam. Bangladeshi rock star, also known as James. He is Guru for his devotees. James means the folly of youth. The rhythm of his babri rocking song influenced the young mind. His concert awakens the excitement of love.

James of Nagar Bowl turned 58 today. October 2 is the artist’s birthday. He was born on this day in 1964 in Naogaon District. However, grew up in Chittagong.

James’ father was a government official. He was also chairman of the Chittagong Board of Education. James left home, proud to sing with his father. Aziz from Chittagong started boarding. From there, his musical career began.

The band “Feelings” was founded in 1980. James was the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist. His first album “Station Road” was released in 1987. In 1988, he released the album named ‘Ananya’ and became a super hit. After that, the albums ‘Jeil Thane Bagha’ in 1990, ‘Nagar Baul’ in 1996, ‘Leis Fita Lace’ in 1998 and ‘Collection of Feelings’ in 1999 were released from Feelings.

The albums of ‘Nagar Baul’ group are – ‘Dushtu Chokkor Dal’ and ‘Bijli’. James’ solo albums are – ‘Ananya’, ‘Palabi Keer’, ‘Dukhini Dukha Karo Na’, ‘It’s OK Friend’, ‘Aam Ushkei Lok’, ‘Janta Express’, ‘Toofan’ and ‘Kaal Jamuna’.

Every year around James’ birthday, dedicated fans do various volunteer activities to feed the poor and needy. This time is no exception.

Rubaiyat Thakur Robin, spokesperson for James, said that every year, fans from different districts across the country hold various events to celebrate James Bhai’s birthday. This time too, I learned of several such initiatives.

James fans called “playful boys” in different neighborhoods held various events throughout the day. Among them, in various districts across the country including Dhaka, Khulna, Jessore, Narsingdi, Rangpur, Meherpur, Kurigram, Bhola Patuakhali, Kishoreganj, prayers were held in mosques/madrasas to wish James long life and good health. Cut the cake and organize music and chat with the underprivileged.

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