Jaya Ahsan’s Beauty Circus arrives September 23rd


Jaya Ahsan’s Beauty Circus arrives September 23rd

Finally, the day of the release of ‘Beauty Circus’ is finally here. The film’s director, Mahmud Didar, said it will hit theaters on September 23.

Jaya Ahsan dresses up as a circus girl “Beauty” in this government-funded film.

The makers of the film officially kicked off the campaign by delivering the film’s poster to Information Minister Hasan Mahmud on Wednesday evening.

Mahmud Didar told bdnews24.com, “Ahead of the release, people’s expectations and love for ‘Beauty Circus’ is incredible. Our long fight with the film is coming to an end.

“Since this is a government funded film, out of a sense of responsibility to the government, we present the official poster of the film to the Honorable Minister of Information on my behalf and on behalf of the company of Impress Telefilm production.”

The poster for the film will be unveiled on social networks on Thursday evening.

Didar said, “The movie will be released on September 23. We hope that the public will appreciate this great film, carrying our history, our heritage and our culture.

Bashundhara Gunda Mashla presents the film produced by Impress Telefilm which was funded by the Government of Bangladesh in the financial year 2014-15.

On February 6, 2017, the filmmakers with the participation of about 2000 villagers with the participation of 200 crew members took part in the big circus yajna in Sapahar and Manikganj of Naogaon. He also said that he built a huge circus pandal and held a village festival for it.

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