Jaya as Jaya


Jaya as Jaya

The country was in the middle of the Corona period. Almost the whole country is at a standstill. Just before Border Silgala, Jaya Ahsan returned from Kolkata. Another life of house arrest has begun. Jaya is found looking for some variety in her life – in the quiet streets; To save the road from animals that die for lack of food.

In this strange time, Jaya did another thing unnoticed by everyone. He used his production company ‘C Te Cinema’. Finished the work of a film. Which no one has heard of.

Finally, the actress-producer revealed the name-identity of this film. The name, identity and poster of the film were unveiled on Thursday evening September 8. The poster name and image will make everyone feel better.

This movie named “Jaya and Sharmin” is produced by the famous director of “A Daughter’s Tale”, Piplu R Khan. Jaya herself played the role of Jaya in it. On the other hand, the talented theater actress Mohsina Akhtar will be considered Sharmin. Who works mainly to talk about theater.

About the film, Jaya Ahsan said: “It’s the story of two women in an unknown world. This film is a documentation of our internal conflicts and our unexpressed feelings. A small photo taken at a strange moment, in an extraordinary experience; But I hope it will arouse your feelings.

Speaking about her co-artist Mohsina, Jaya said, “The talented theater artist Mohsina performed there. I wish him the best.’

Earlier, Jaya Ahsan said of the film, during the mentally unstable days of the pandemic, as he spent his days in fear and anxiety at home, the director said over the phone, “Let’s do a short film”.

So “Jaya and Sharmin” suddenly became a different story.

Meanwhile, the government-subsidized film “Beauty Circus” starring Jaya hits theaters on September 23. Produced by Mahmud Didar.

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