Jaya Bachchan has eaten regularly since marriage

Jaya Bachchan has eaten regularly since marriage

Entertainment desk: Since her marriage to the Bachchan family, Jaya Bachchan has maintained the habit of regularly eating fish. Don’t eat fish like a Bengali, what’s going on! Amitabh Bachchan also used to eat fish with him earlier. But now you don’t even touch it. But why? This was also leaked.

Amitabh said not only fish, but all kinds of non-vegetables are on his favorite list. But I can’t keep up with Jaya lately. Set fish and meat aside. A contestant asked the host of “Kaon Banega Crorepati” to eat fish. In response, 80-year-old Amitabh said, “I used to eat fish when I was young. Now I don’t eat non-vegetarian food.”

Along with this, he gave up eating sweets. eat rice Even Amitabh has removed many other favorite dishes from the menu. Is this the main mantra for staying in shape even at 80?

The star is known to suffer from various illnesses related to old age. Apart from digestive issues, Amitabh also has excess uric acid. So, instead of eating meat, get up in the morning, exercise, and drink protein-rich drinks. With some basil leaves. He eats regularly throughout the day. However, he has long since moved away from fish, meat and eggs. Amitabh does everything possible so that health does not become an obstacle in the field of acting.

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The actor gave 175 films in his 50-year professional life. Most of which are hits. He was last seen in the movie “Goodbye” released in October. Her next movie “Uchai” will be released on November 11.

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