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Jeet bowed to the 80-year-old grandma all over the stage and pulled her to his chest


Jeet bowed to the 80-year-old grandma all over the stage and pulled her to his chest

Entertainment desk: Actor Jeet hugged and kissed an 80-year-old grandmother on stage at the event. Instantly viral video. Jeet is one of the leading players in the Bengali film industry. Although his best name is Jitendra Madnani. You probably won’t find a person who isn’t his fan in Bengal. Although Jeet is not Bengali by birth, he grew up in South Kolkata. He was unable to progress further in his studies due to family problems.

In 1993 he started modeling in various newspapers. Then he entered the world of theatre. In 1994, he started his journey with a Bengali language soap opera called “Vishvriksha”. Then in 2001, he made his big screen debut playing in the Telugu movie “Chandu”. Then in 2002, he reached the peak of popularity with the Bangla film ‘Sathi’.

Now its popularity is very high. He is now the superstar of Tollywood. He has worked on the big screen for more than two decades. He is also seen on stage at various stage shows. The actor recently appeared on one such show. Where Jeet stood on stage and asked a grandmother sitting in the audience to come up.

Then grandma came and kissed her. Kiss on the cheek too. It even says how beautiful you are. Dadi blushes shyly after hearing that from Jeet. Even after that, Jeet gave Grandma a gift.

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Finally bowed to him. After that, he asked for his grandmother’s blessing. And as soon as this video hit social media, it went viral like a storm. And everyone praised the use of Jeet.

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