Jeet Ganguly | Singer Jeet Ganguly sings a song for TMC’s new program ‘Didir Suraksha kawach’ dgtl

Jeet Ganguly | Singer Jeet Ganguly sings a song for TMC’s new program ‘Didir Suraksha kawach’ dgtl

This time, Trinamool released a song on the occasion of the show ‘Didir Suraksha Kabach’. Trinamool West Bengal Youth Chairman Sayani Ghosh, West Bengal Social Media Coordinator Debanshu Bhattacharya and Trinamool Chhatra Parishad State Chairman Trinankur Bhattacharya released the song at Trinamool Bhavan on Sunday. This new song is performed by singer and songwriter Jeet Gangopadhyay. Posting the song, Saini said, “This new song was made with a lot of love and emotion. The way Didi’s protective shield program reaches out to ordinary people in the state. No one seems to have done so so far. This song will be played during the program. “I hope this song on ‘Didir Suraksha Kabach’ will be popular among ordinary people in no time. This is also our goal to reach young people through songs.”

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On January 2, ‘Didi’s Suraksha Kabach’ program was announced at Nazrul Manch in the presence of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Secretary General of Trinamool All India Abhishek Banerjee. Trinamool management launched this burgeoning program on January 11. They said that for the next 60 days they would go to different parts of the state and talk to people on lower floors. Abhishek informed that the program was launched to reach people from the regimes under the state government. This time, this song is associated with this program. While top leaders announced the program for 60 days, Debanshu said that the ‘Didir Suraksha Kabach’ program will continue until it reaches everyone in the state. Saini supported this statement by Devanshu.

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