Jemima did not sing for lack of guitar


Jemima did not sing for lack of guitar

De Sylhet: ‘Can you sing two lines for us?’ Jemima Rodriguez was asked to leave after the press conference. He replied: “Give me the guitar…”. Of course, he didn’t have a guitar or sing.

India has just won a big victory against Bangladesh. Jemima’s personal life has continued beyond cricket. He knows how to speak very well. He regretted not being able to speak at the last press conference and said: “The fastest press conference of my life…”. He certainly doesn’t have that regret after the game against Bangladesh. Jana Vishek had to speak in front of the reporter for a minute.

He was active on YouTube during Corona. He was busy with his girlfriend Smriti Mandhana on YouTube channel named “Smash Hit”. Rohit Sharma-Rishabh Panthrao came to their event. Jemaima is also good at singing outside of cricket. Remembering that, he said, ‘Don’t ask me to sing now… (laughs)’

Jemima then said, “I am fun loving by nature. Wherever I go, I try to keep the environment strong. It has been my nature since childhood. I couldn’t touch the guitar for about a month and a half due to a torn hand. I can do it now. It helps relieve my mental fatigue. ‘

“We have a lot of young women in our team. There are several of the same age. It becomes necessary to go out and have a good time. I think playing competitive cricket requires a balanced life outside of cricket. That helps also to stay fresh on the pitch.’

The Indian drummer is also happy with the support from Bangladesh: “I think I got a lot of support. I saw a poster saying ‘I love you Jamie’ or something like that. I think everyone is very nice here. It’s not that they came to support India or Pakistan. They support cricket. Supporting women’s cricket is an added bonus.”

The question posed to Jemima at the end of the press conference was “cricket or guitar”. Without thinking twice, he said: “Of course cricket, then everything else…”. He said he brought the guitar, but he didn’t say whether he would sing or not. Jemima, who had a different experience at two press conferences, brings a guitar and sings two lines next time, not bad!

Bangladesh time: 1802 hours, 08 October 2022

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