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Jewel’s ‘Let’s Change’ featuring Parimoney

Jewel’s ‘Let’s Change’ featuring Parimoney

The film “Adventure of Sundarbans” directed by Raihan Jewell and starring actress Parimony will be released on January 20. This is Raihan Jewell’s first film. The “Adventure of Sundarbans” team is busy campaigning almost every day. In the meantime, this director and actress duo have announced the production of a new film titled “Chalo Bade Jai”.

Posting a photo with the director on Facebook, Parimony announced the name of the new film around 8:30 p.m. Sunday (January 8). Meanwhile, director Raihan Jewel also confirmed this movie to Jago News.

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When asked when he signed a contract with Parimoni for the new film, he replied, “It hasn’t been done yet, as the official contract means”. When I thought of the story of this film, I thought of Parimani. After telling him the story, he also liked it very much, he is very excited about the story. After listening to the story, Parimoni said – Let’s announce the name of the movie.

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When asked about the film’s story, the director said, “There’s still work to be done on the story. He also discussed some things after hearing Parimony’s story. We are still finalizing the story line-up. But we can say that it will be a commercial film with thrill, thrill and action.

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The director also said that it has not yet been finalized who will be in this film. He said: “We still have some work to do on that, hopefully we’ll make an official announcement in February.”


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