John’s career survived thanks to me and the generosity of Katrina: Salman


John’s career survived thanks to me and the generosity of Katrina: Salman

Entertainment desk: It can be loved or hated. Salman Khan has an almost equal number of fans and detractors. But he created enmity with most people in the industry, including John Abraham. The dispute between the two actors is long-standing. And it started with the reign of actress Katrina Kaif.

Salman’s previous relationship with Katrina is not known to anyone. We hear that Salman got into trouble with several stars of the actress. A man among them. The dispute began when Katrina alleged John forced her to leave a photo. Strangely, the actress agreed to play in this film for Salman.

Naturally, Katrina complained to her boyfriend about John. And that’s why Bhaijan got angry. He kept humiliating people in public. He also said on TV that John got a good image for him and Katrina.

Salman appeared as a guest on a TV show titled ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. There he said that when Katrina came to the new industry several years ago, she first got an opportunity in a movie, but later slipped out of her hands. The actress cried to Salman for three days, saying her career was over.

But Salman knew then that Katrina would one day become one of the biggest stars in the industry. After a few years, Kat again got an opportunity in a movie. John was also taken in this photo. It was Salman who advised Katrina to be generous. John Catt’s duet was a box office hit.

John Abraham had a big hit for Katrina and his kindness, Salman said. Later, John also came on the show and revealed that his affair with Salman was going well. But the reason was unknown to him. He also joked that being a rookie at the time, he didn’t have the power to kick an actress out of a movie.

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