Junaid Evan of Ashes is the first Bangladeshi on Spotify


Junaid Evan of Ashes is the first Bangladeshi on Spotify

As the first Bangladeshi to be invited to the international music platform Spotify, artist from popular band Ashes Junaid Ivan. Ivan reported to the organization’s central office in Dubai on Wednesday.

At this time, in addition to visiting the office in a warm welcome, various aspects of his musical life were also discussed. Evan sings live in the Spotify studio. Special promotional content is created. Not only that, Spotify is also interested in doing exciting new projects with the Ashes throughout the year.

Evan was accompanied to Spotify’s Dubai office by Md Ekramuzzaman Ekram, Artist and Label Partnership Coordinator, and Editorial Coordinator Mir Russel Ahmed, the first two Bangladeshis working for Spotify.

Evan from Dubai said: “Spotify authorities recently contacted my group manager. That’s why they came to Dubai on their invitation. Had a good time. I am proud and happy to be the first to accompany Spotify on its new journey to Bangladesh. I will work on amazing projects with them. They told me what kind of plans they have with artists from Bangladesh including me throughout 2023. They are also interested in doing something individually with my band Ashes in this continuity.

Not only that, Spotify will also be partnering with new music events in Bangladesh this New Year – “This is great news for the music industry in our country,” Evan added.

As an international music platform, International A Music Platform started its journey in Bangladesh almost a year ago. The Spotify Bangladesh page has been opened on Facebook social media. Spotify’s operations in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia are handled by its Dubai office.

Spotify is today the largest audio streaming platform in the world. The popularity of the platform has grown exponentially over the past few years. Its monthly users exceed 433 million! The headquarters of the Middle East, South Asia and Africa division of this organization is located in Dubai. Junaid Ivan, lead singer of the popular band “Ashes” from Bangladesh, recently visited this office as a guest.

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