Kabila’s madman fires Ivar for Rokeya


Kabila’s madman fires Ivar for Rokeya

Parsa Ivana-Ziaul Haque Palash

Popular ‘Bachelor Point’ series. The fourth season of the drama directed by Kajol Arefin Ami is airing due to audience choice.

This drama tells the story of some bachelors in the city of Dhaka. In addition to Kabila, Shubo, Pasha, Habu, Shimul, another character being talked about now is Eva. Parsa Ivana plays this character.

Eva is seen opposite Kabila (Ziaul Haque Palash). Already, their on-screen chemistry has captured the hearts of audiences.

Eva is also featured as a dancer in the piece. Kabila is very much in love with him! Although he has a girlfriend named Rokeya. Which is still hidden by the producer as a surprise.

Meanwhile, as shown in the last episode, Eva will go to Cox’s Bazar to put on a show. After that Kabila, Shubo, Pasha, Habu, Shimul planned to go to Cox’s Bazar. At one point, they came to Cox’s Bazar to watch Eva’s show.

A photo of Kabila and Eva on the beach was recently posted on Facebook by Parsa Ivana. Which has already caught the public’s attention.

On the other hand, producer Kajal Arefin Ami shared two photos of the two of them. Its caption reads, ‘Crazy Kabila for Rokeya, now Ivar is pulling Cox’s Bazaar. ‘ In the comment box of her post, five-faced viewers praised Eva-Kabila.

Not only in “Bachelor Point”, Palash and Ivana were discussed acting in two dramas named “Badbaaz” and “Goodbaaz” respectively. Where their character names were Faria and Sami.

Bangladesh time: 1351 hours, September 20, 2022

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