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Kajol is the new heroine of Deepjol

Kajol is the new heroine of Deepjol

Actors like Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Recy, Nipun have gained immense popularity in movies thanks to the movies of Movielord Manowar Hossain Dipzal fame. It can be said that the role of Dipzol in their establishment in the films is immense. It paved the way for their journey into the movies. There are many other heroes and heroines like them whose journey began at the hands of Deepjol. Introducing new artists in films is nothing new for Deepzol. As he plays himself in his films, he also establishes new heroines in front of him. Beginners are more present in his films. As such, Dipzal is called the master of creating new artists in movies. He has already prioritized new artists in the films he produced and awaiting release, Inhumans Are Man, Like Husband Like Wife, Bengali Hercules, Ghar Banga Samsar and Zimmi. The director of all films is Popi, Kaya and many other popular heroines, talented director Montazur Rahman Akbar. Due to the combination of Deepjal and Akbar, many heroes and heroines have already arrived in the film. The latest addition is a brand new heroine named Kajal. Kajal is not yet a heroine. But will be a heroine. He has no contact with the media and has no idea. Totally out of the media. Kajol, who will become an actress, was discovered by Dipzol. He’s going to offer her as a heroine. Kajol will be seen as the female lead in her upcoming movie “Ali Bhai.” But her hero will be Joy Chowdhury. Shooting for the film will begin next January. Montajur Rahman Akbar will direct. Before that, Deepjol arranged the grooming for a long time to make Kajol a complete heroine. In addition to acting, Kajol was tutored by Montazur Rahman Akbar, who taught her everything from acting to big film canvas. Dance and combat are also taught. It is said that the filmic vision of Deepjol is very sharp. We can see if the film will be successful or not. Montazur Rahman Akbar’s point of view is the same. As a result, since Kajol managed to grab attention with the combined look of these two, it’s safe to say that the film is going to have another glamorous and eye-catching heroine. Kajol will have opportunities in one project after another taken by Dipzal. Kajol will be cast in 6 other films including ‘Ali Bhai’. These include ‘Sarkar’, ‘Baburchi’, ‘Akrosh’, ‘Manik Ratan’ etc. Deepjol said about Kajol, the girl is completely new. I saw potential in him. She has all the qualities of a heroine. This is why everything has been done to make her a heroine in her own right. Hopefully a talented new heroine will be found during the movie artist crisis. Montazur Rahman Akbar said, Kajol has already been made fit to be a heroine. He has potential. That’s why I work with him. Hopefully Kajal can use his talent and move on.

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