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Kajol’s daughter, Nysa, has changed so much in a few months


Kajol’s daughter, Nysa, has changed so much in a few months

Kajol’s daughter, Nysa, has changed so much in a few months. Who doesn’t know the famous Btown kids now! Whether they’re making their screen debut or not, the stars of the parenting empire are also in the spotlight. There is no lack of curiosity for their life. And Nysa is no exception. Ajay Devgan and Kajal, one of Bitown’s lovebirds, have held hands for over 21 years. And now their daughter Nysa has entered into the discussion with them.

This starkid is very popular on the net and is often discussed. Many people follow Naisa who is active on social media to know her life story. Sometimes it went viral at a rowdy party, sometimes at a new photo shoot. But recently it has gone viral due to its change. Seeing the photo in her latest outfit, the audience practically fell in love!

Recently, pictures of her on the occasion of Diwali surfaced in Tinsel town and everyone in Bolipara was surprised to see her picture. Everyone is surprised to see the change in this celebrity girl in just a few months. That day, clothing artist Anita Dongde posted a photo of the star’s daughter on social media and after that, it caused a stir.

Over time, its appearance and appearance change. As seen a few months ago, Naisa has undergone a drastic change in her appearance which is driving the public crazy. Now she is more glamorous than before. And that’s why after seeing this new photo, many commented “Naisa is not recognizable”. Many people compared it to his old photo. All in all, this celebrity babe has once again made headlines.

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