Kanchan-Rozina surprised!


Kanchan-Rozina surprised!

Ilyas Kanchan and Rosina have had success as a couple on the cinema screen. Swarnali has worked together in dozens of films in the past. Some of them are ‘Bangsadhar’, ‘Naseeb’, ‘Ratan Mala’, ‘Nikah’ etc.

In the meantime, the path of the two has changed a lot. Ilyas Kanchan left the screen in the safe roads movement and is also president of the Film Artists Association. Rosina, on the other hand, chose construction. Received government grants.

They were reunited after a long time. Back on screen, linked the pair. The name of the movie is ‘Phir Dekha’. It was directed by Rozina herself. Thanks to this, the heroine Nandit made her debut as a producer on the big screen.

There is a special song in this movie. Where Kanchan-Rozina acted in an outstanding avatar. The producer-actress herself revealed the affair by posting a photo on social networks. Stars of this generation as well as audiences and critics were surprised to see the film.

In the photo caption, Rozina said, “Kanchan and I have a song in the movie Pheer Dekha. We will be seen as Bairagi and Boshtami. A few days ago, Kanchan and I did a photo shoot at Modern Bostami and Bairagi.

The “revisiting” work was completed last year. After editing, the film also got clearance from the Censor Board. Now awaiting release. Rozina said that she will soon present her first film to the public on a good day.

In this film, Nirav and Prashiya act as heroes and heroines. The story of the film which received a government grant in the 2019-20 financial year is that of the period of the liberation war. It was shot in Padma Bank area of ​​Rajbari district.

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