Kangana mortgaged all his properties for the film

Kangana mortgaged all his properties for the film

After Jayalalithaa, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut returns to the role of an on-screen politician. “Emergency” is a film based on the life of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Apart from acting in the film, Kangana herself is also in charge of directing and producing the film. He had to mortgage all of his assets during the filming of the film. He said it on social networks after the shooting.

The film is produced by Kangana’s production company “Manikarnika Films”. On his verified Facebook account on Saturday, he shared a photo from the set of the recently completed film “Emergency” and shared the words behind his film.

Kangana said that she encountered several obstacles while making this film. Suffering from dengue fever, he had to shoot even when his body was sick. He even had to mortgage all his properties to pay for the film.

Speaking about her experience, Kangana wrote, “I hadn’t said all these things on social media before, because some people wanted to see my failure, I didn’t want to give them a chance to be happy.

According to him, working hard is not enough to achieve his dreams. However, the National Award-winning actress is grateful to life for finding herself despite repeated setbacks and breakdowns.

Kangana Ranaut announced the film “Emergency” in 2021. In the film, she played the role of Indira Gandhi, one of the most popular prime ministers in the country. This film will be released this year.

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