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Karan’s picture may not be pretty, but he’s not Sushant’s killer! Swara Bhaskar showed compassion

Karan’s picture may not be pretty, but he’s not Sushant’s killer! Swara Bhaskar showed compassion

bangladeshi the pulpit: Jaha Char Yaar with Swara Bhaskar has just been released. And as expected, the film sank at the box office. So this time Swara is trying to train herself by making controversial comments. He suddenly became producer-director Karan Johar (Karan Johar). After Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, Swara lashed out at the public for the harassment Karan faced.

After Sushant’s untimely death two years ago, many fingers were pointed at Karan. The actor found himself with his nepotism and considered excluding Sushant from the film. The director faced unprecedented criticism. Now Swara has opened up about this issue. According to him, whatever else Karan does, he is not a murderer.

In a recent interview, Swara said, an atmosphere of fear has been created in Bollywood. Everyone wants to avoid controversy. There is an unwritten rule or common belief in the industry that it is appropriate for stars not to comment on any controversy.

After that, Swara brought up the subject of Karan and Sushant. He said bluntly, “You may find Karan Johar’s films disgusting, you may object to his nepotism. But your dislike doesn’t mean he’s a murderer. Earlier, Swara said Bollywood should tell a story honestly. Dictatorship doesn’t work in Bollywood. He also said that he disagrees with the kind of movies Akshay Kumar makes. But that doesn’t mean he wants the actor’s film to fail.

Incidentally, “Jaha Char Yaar” featuring Swara was released on September 16. It is clear from the name, the story of four girlfriends is the subject of this film. Swara also promoted the film on social media. But since there was no response, the film sat empty even after its release. The public could not see Swara’s photo. The film’s IMDb rating is only 4.5. The volume of business is also the same.

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