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Kate, 18, naked on stage, what happened next…

Kate, 18, naked on stage, what happened next…

The viewer is Hollywood actress Kate Winslet. He played the role of Rose in the movie “Titanic”. He appeared naked on screen several times during his long acting career. However, this beautiful 47-year-old actress fell into a great irony by performing naked in a play at the start of her career.

The movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” starring Kate was released on December 16. As part of the promotion of this film, Kate spoke about various problems during the program “Graham Norton”. At that time, he remembered playing the role of Ashtadashi Kate naked. And when recounting this incident, this actress broke down laughing.

Kate Winslet said: “I was 18 at the time. Act in the production of the Manchester Royal Exchange. The play was called “What the Butler Saw”. I played the role of Gérald in this play. The character is a doctor secretary job seeker. Before the appointment, the doctor wants to examine my whole body and asks me to undress.

The stage of this play was circular. Referring to this, Kate said, “I literally take all my clothes off. And there the leaves lie on a white sheet. Just then, I knocked hard in the bathroom. Lying on the circular stage, the audience around me. I thought that even if I move in this state, the bathroom will be done.

Describing what happened next, Kate said: ‘My clothes were strewn all over the place when I undressed. I was in no mood to go to the bathroom after finding loose clothes. So when the scene ended, I wrapped up the sheet I was lying on and ran to the makeup room.

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