Keerthi Kulhari starred in intimate scenes with her husband’s encouragement

Keerthi Kulhari starred in intimate scenes with her husband’s encouragement

Entertainment desk: Actress Kirti Kulhari is a known face of Bollywood Para. In the meantime, he starred in several films and received accolades. But he got the most popularity thanks to the movie “Pink”. The third season of the actress’ web series “Four More Shots Please” was released recently. He starred in several intimate scenes in this series.

Kirti Kulhari

According to a report by Indian outlet Indian Express, Keerthy has spoken openly about starring in daring scenes in the series. In his own words, “In the series, the four girls had different looks in the intimate scenes”. Some of them were a bit more panicked; Again, it didn’t matter to anyone. I was also comfortable in such a situation. It was a very brave moment for me.

Keerthi took her ex-husband’s advice to star in intimate scenes. Referring to this, he said, “I got married in 2016. One thing to say here, my ex-husband Sahil had no insecurities. Sahil never said, “You can’t kiss on screen or act in an intimate scene.” But in our industry, this image is reversed. Sahil gave me confidence and helped me perform in bold scenes. Even, Sahil advised me in this regard.”

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Keerthi-Sahil ended their married life after five years of marriage. They announced their separation last April. Although divorced, she is in contact with her ex-husband. In this regard, Kirti said, “Although we are not with Sahil, we are in regular contact. I find Sahil by my side in all matters.

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