Keshri Lal Yadav openly indulged in a passionate romance with the heroine


Keshri Lal Yadav openly indulged in a passionate romance with the heroine

Entertainment desk: Bhojpuri song videos often go viral on social media pages. Bhojpuri stars are not at all unknown to the current generation. Keshri Lal Yadav is one of the most popular stars in Bhojpuri. Besides being a good singer, he is also a hero. In dance, his pairs are very good.

This, however, cannot be said separately. Its popularity among Bhojpuri audiences is palpable. Recently, the clip of one of his songs went viral on social media.

Keshri Lal Yadav’s recent music video which is practiced among netizens was shared 4 months ago by a YouTube channel named “PRA Films”.

Keshri Lal Yadav’s song video has already reached almost 4 million people. In the viral video, Kesari Lal Yadav is heard singing the song “Balam Ke Buddhi”, which has also gained considerable popularity among Bhojpuri audiences. It will be clear if you look at the comment box.

Keshri Lal Yadav is seen with a new face of the Bhojpuri industry in a recent viral video. They made this clip in the middle of a set entirely made in the open air.

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The late Shri Shyam Dehati provided the lyrics for the said song. Composed by Arya Sharma. The entire clip is produced by Rajeev Ranjan Singh. Currently, Keshri Lal Yadav is in the limelight thanks to the video of this song.

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