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“Kill Him” ​​as movie villain Varsha!

“Kill Him” ​​as movie villain Varsha!

Afia Nusrat Varsha, popular Dhallywood actress. He thinks I’m an actress. So I didn’t want to limit myself to playing. I don’t believe that every film should have a heroine, otherwise there will be a lack of image.

The famous ‘Khonj the Search’ actress has made such a comment on the new ‘Kill Him’ movie. It is said that he will be seen as a villain for the first time in this new film.

Varsha said, “An actor’s job is to match himself in different roles, to experiment with himself! Not really the heroine, I play a character whose breadth, depth or impact is all over the movie. Usually such a character is called an “anti-hero”. Some may even think of villains. But I don’t think so. Because nobody can understand what my character is without watching the whole movie.

Varsha also said about his character in the movie “Kill Him”, “I take part in certain missions for the peace and welfare of the country and the people of the country, which may be illegal in legal terms” . The hero of the film cannot accept this.

So who is the heroine of the film? Varsha left a mystery. He said, “Love will be with me throughout the film.”

Maryland Anant Jalil will be seen as the hero of this film directed by Iqbal. He plays the role of an agent. Anant and Varsha are acting outside of their own production for the first time through this film.

Most of the filming for the film was completed in Bogra last December. The manufacturer said it was made with the aim of releasing it next month on Eid.


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